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Our Highlighted Dental Treatments

Dental Implant

Think of them as nature's gift – dental implants give you a confident, natural smile while restoring the functionality of your missing teeth.

Dental Crown

These protective caps work their magic, restoring strength, shape, and charm to damaged teeth, making your smile truly shine.

Dental White Composite Filling

These are fixing cavities discreetly by seamlessly blending with your teeth, leaving your smile flawlessly beautiful.

Dental Root Canal

This procedure rescues aching teeth, allowing you to eat, smile, and sleep comfortably once more.


These custom-made, removable prosthetics as the key to bringing back your smile, comfort, and the joy of eating.

Dental Bone Graft

Think of it as the solid base for your smile. This procedure fortifies your jaw, giving it the support necessary for dental implants.

Elevate Your Smile at an Affordable Price and with Great Quality!

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EG Dental in Tijuana Mexico

Discover the outstanding dental care offered by EG Dental in Tijuana, we’re a team of highly skilled dentists awaits you. With their expertise in dental implants, smile enhancements, and full arch replacements, these talented professionals are committed to addressing your unique needs and ensuring your oral well-being. Their comprehensive range of effective treatments ensures that your teeth receive the utmost attention they deserve. They provide affordable prices, ensuring that you receive top-quality care without straining your budget. The first step towards optimal dental health is scheduling an appointment at EG Dental through the provided link.

Why Choose EG Dental ?

Approachable Staff

Receive top-notch dental care from our friendly team, supported by advanced technology. Our goal is to ensure a comfortable, reliable experience for your healthy smiles.


Discover our cost-effective, high-quality dental care that keeps your smiles healthy without straining your budget.

Professional Dentists

Embark on a dental journey with our expert and profesional dentists, ensuring exceptional work, strong materials, and radiant smiles along the way.


Our Facilities

Experience modern dentistry at its finest in our well-equipped dental office, located within a contemporary medical building.


Our location

Our location near major medical facilities in the Zona Rio area offers a spacious and professional environment for your healthcare needs, distinguishing us from smaller clinics in the old downtown Tijuana.


Let Us Help your Visitation

We provide seamless transportation assistance, from border pickups to airport transfers and hotel reservations, ensuring a hassle-free visit to our clinic.

Our Affordable Dental Rates


Our Satisfied Dental Works

At EG Dental-Affordable Dentist in Tijuana Mexico, we recognize that the exorbitant expenses associated with dental care often hinder individuals from accessing top-notch services. Particularly for residents of developed nations like the United States and Canada, the prohibitive costs in their home countries make quality dental care unaffordable. This is largely due to the high cost of living and factors of production, such as labor, in these regions.


Tijuana Dental Experts

Discover the best dental care in Tijuana! Situated just north of the Los Angeles and San Diego border, we serve a vast market of over 25 million people. Our city is home to skilled dentists from all over Mexico, dedicated to providing top-notch treatments. Thanks to lower expenses and overhead costs in Mexico, our dentists can offer high-quality dental services at much more affordable prices than their US counterparts. US dentists face higher education, operational, and living expenses, making it hard for them to match our lower prices. That’s why dental tourism in Tijuana has flourished, offering patients easy access to top-notch and budget-friendly dental care. Choose us for exceptional dental excellence that won’t break the bank!

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City Of Tijuana

Tijuana is on the rise, becoming a hotspot for medical and dental tourism. Patients flock here for top-notch healthcare, while the city’s booming manufacturing industry exports to the US. Many Americans are even choosing to live here and commute to work in San Diego to escape the high cost of living. Tijuana’s lower housing prices mean big savings. As a dental tourist, you’ll love the modern vibe with new buildings, great dining, top-notch gyms, and bustling malls. Tijuana has transformed from a gritty border town to a safe and comfortable contemporary metropolis.

Dentistry in Mexico

In our Tijuana dental practice, we’re proud members of the thriving dental community. Our devoted team of skilled dentists is all about giving you exceptional care using the latest technology. We’ve created a modern office with digital X-rays and cutting-edge dental implant solutions to provide comprehensive treatment. We also partner with a renowned dental lab to ensure top-quality work. We believe in ongoing learning, so our dental staff attends top-notch courses and seminars to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements. We understand the need for competitive pricing in this industry, making our top-notch services accessible to more patients. Your smile is our priority!

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Meet Our Approachable and Friendly Dental Team!

Step into the world of EG Dental Clinic, where our dream team is not just about teeth – it’s about the people behind the smiles! Meet the extraordinary Dr. Eva Guerrero, our Head Dentist and Root Canal Maestro, turning dental care into an art. Dr. Carlos Guerrero, our Orthodontic Virtuoso, is here to sculpt those grins into masterpieces. Dr. Alan Martinez, the Implant Magician, ensures your smile is as strong as it is stunning. Dr. Damaris Zuniga, our Lovely Luminary, brings grace and expertise to every treatment. And let’s not forget Ms. Lorena Lopez, the heartbeat of our clinic, our Dental Dynamo, making your visit feel like a breeze. 

At EG Dental Clinic, we’re not just fixing teeth; we’re crafting experiences and friendships, one radiant smile at a time!

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Before and After Dental services In Tijuana
EG Dental | Affordable Dentist in Tijuana Mexico

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