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EG Dental – Tijuana Dentistry for those on a tight budget.

If you need high quality dental work, and are on a tight budget, ED Dental, in Tijuana, is the place to come.  We have the same skills and training as dentists north of the border but can offer our work at a third the cost. We have the same technology, and the same high-quality materials, but the costs here are not inflated.

Why Choose EG Dental?

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Our Facilities, and location
We have a modern, well equipped c\dental office, in a modern medical office building. We are located off the main section of Zona Rio, near other medical facilities. We are not a little “hole in the wall” type of clinic that might be found in the old downtown part of Tijuana.

Our Guarantee
All our workmanship and materials are guaranteed. A failed implant or crown will be replaced at no cost. We work with a reputable dental lab to make the best in prosthetic devices, and can offer all on 4 made of zirconia, at a very competitive price.

Let us coordinate your visit
Our patient coordinator will help you get to the clinic easily. He can pick you up at the border, or help arrange an airport pick up, and even make your hotel reservations.

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Dentists Prices Comparison

  • Treatment Price List

  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Dental Implant Placement
  • Standard Finish Porcelain Crown
  • Immediate Acrylic Denture
  • E. Max Veneers
  • Regular Cleaning
  • White Composite Filling One Surface
  • Evaluation and X-Rays
  • Tijuana

  • $265 - $290
  • $795
  • $295
  • $350
  • $425
  • $45
  • $60
  • $20
  • USA

  • $850 - $1,250
  • $2,250
  • $750
  • $825
  • $750
  • $150
  • $190
  • $120

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