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    Root Canals in Tijuana

    When a tooth has decay and the cavity is not removed and filled, eventually the nerve becomes sensitive. In order to save the tooth from extraction, the Mexican dentist will perform a root canal. The cost to have a root canal procedure in Tijuana is affordable and much lower than quotes from the USA.

    Dr. Eva Guerrero, owner of EG Dental Group, earned her Mexican board certification as an Endodontics and for the past 11 years has perfected her soft touch technique,making her patients feel relaxed and practically pain free during their root canal.

    If you are currently experiencing any discomfort, our Mexican Dentist will first examine your teeth and if need treat any infection with antibiotics. This treatment must be done prior to performing a root canal on the tooth to avoid further infection in your mouth. Each natural tooth contains a strand of dental pulp laced in to the root which supplies nutrients to the tooth nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels. If the dental pulp becomes diseased and is left in the tooth, the tooth will become infected, causing pain and sometimes swelling. Once a tooth has been treated or is no longer infected it is ready for the Root canal which will allow the dentist to remove the diseased pulp, clean the canal and seal the tooth, effectively protecting and saving your tooth from extraction.

    During a root canal process, the Mexican dentist will gently drill an opening through the crown of the tooth into the dental pulp chamber, once they have removed the diseased pulp and cleaned the canal; the pulp chamber is then permanently filled to avoid reoccurring infection from spreading in your mouth. The dentist will then place a temporary filling in your tooth. Depending on the location of the tooth within the mouth will determine whether the temporary filling will be replaced with a permanent filling or a crown. For a permanent crown, the dentist will first take an impression molding. Your crown will take approximately 6-8 hours to be custom made here in Tijuana and typically requires another visit to our office to have the crown permanently placed in your mouth.

    Microscopic nerve endings may have become inflamed during the process so there may be some discomfort with your bite or adjusting pains within the first couple of weeks after a root canal, this is not uncommon and requires your utmost patience during the healing process. An anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen can be taken while the sensitivity diminishes. In rare cases the dentist may have to remove the crown and administer medication to the nerve. All of the dental work completed at EG Dental Group is 100% guaranteed and you will not be charged for any additional necessary treatments.

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