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  • How to Know When a Dental Bone Graft Is Necessary

    Dental bone grafting becomes necessary when a person doesn’t have enough healthy natural bone to support dental implants. This may be caused by gum disease, developmental defects, trauma or injury to the face, or even leaving a space after tooth removal. Most people do not understand that the loss of a tooth can cause the

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  • 6 Differences between Laser and Zoom Dental Whitening

    People with white teeth are perceived to be more attractive and healthier than those with discolored or stained teeth. They also tend to be preferred when hiring for customer facing positions where they are required to interact with clients with a smile. As such, it is becoming more desirable to have a pearly white smile.

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  • 4 Advantages of White Resin Dental Fillings

    Fillings are a restorative treatment for teeth that have suffered tooth decay. Fillings are usually made of a material that is pliable and can be used to fill the portion where the tooth has decayed or lost is natural structure. This restores bite balance, oral health and also reduces the risk of having more dental

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