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  • How Root Canal Treatment Can Put an End to Ongoing Toothache

    More commonly known as Root canal, endodontic treatments are one of the most common dental procedures in Tijuana’s many dental surgeries. Many of our patients suffer from toothache for a long time before seeking treatment, with often the cost in the U.S and Canada being the reason for many putting off the visit to the

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Veneers

    A lucky few are fortunate enough to have a near-perfect smile naturally, but in most cases, veneers make the smile look so charming. Veneers are incredibly thin sheets from porcelain or zirconia that protect and preserve healthy dental tissue. The minimally invasive procedure returns excellent functional and aesthetic results, protecting the integrity of your teeth

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  • Why Are Thousands of Tourists Travelling to Tijuana for Dental Crowns?

    Damaged teeth are probably a more common problem than you think, and dental treatments in the U.S can be very xh costly indeed if your dental plan considers them an aesthetic issue. That is why tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians travel each year for dental tourism in Tijuana. One of the most popular

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