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  • How to make brushing teeth fun for kids

    Good dental health is as important in kids as it is on adults. However, teaching your child to brush their teeth the proper way can be a challenging endeavor. This is because some kids are stubborn and brushing their teeth is a totally new experience to them. As an adult, you’re probably used to brushing

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  • Best treatments for teeth sensitivity

    The pain caused by teeth sensitivity can be annoying. It can cause one not to enjoy eating and drinking foods such as ice cream and coffee. You might even find it hard brushing or flossing your teeth due to the pain caused by teeth sensitivity. Some people even experience dental pain when they breathe through

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  • How your dental health impacts you

    Poor dental health has a detrimental impact on your mouth and general well-being. Apart from causing problems such as bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay, poor dental health can negatively affect a person’s general well-being and happiness. It has been linked with health problems such as cancer, heart issues and even diabetes.  Maintaining a

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