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  • What you should know about teeth whitening

    Do you have dark or stained teeth but don’t trust off-the-shelfwhitening kits at the drugstore? Then it is wise to have your teeth bleached at the dentist’s office. In this way, you are sure that the teeth whitening procedure is safe and will have long-lasting results. The color of your teeth The color of teeth

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  • The harmful effects of smoking on oral health

    Smoking is not only bad for your general health; it is also damaging to your teeth. In this post, we look at 5 harmful effects of smoking on your oral health. Teeth discoloration: When you inhale and exhale tobacco smoke, compounds including nicotine and tar settle on your teeth. These penetrate the enamel and stain

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  • Essential Tips: Preparing for dental treatment

    It is always a good idea to prepare for dental treatment in good time. After the treatment, you want to have everything in place for a comfortable recovery. Below are useful tips to follow as your dental appointment approaches: Clear your schedule on the day of the appointment. There may be complications and the procedure

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