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4 Advantages of White Resin Dental Fillings

Fillings are a restorative treatment for teeth that have suffered tooth decay. Fillings are usually made of a material that is pliable and can be used to fill the portion where the tooth has decayed or lost is natural structure. This restores bite balance, oral health and also reduces the risk of having more dental problems in the future. Fillings usually do not last forever and may have to be redone at some point in time.

Options for dental fillings

There are two categories of fillings: composite resin and metal. Most people know of metal fillings that are either silver amalgam or gold tooth fillings. The silver amalgam filling is actually a mixture of mercury with metals. Composite resin on the other hand, is a mixture of silica and plastic. It is the silica that gives the composite resin fillings their reflective property, making them look very much like enamel.

Composite resin fillings are also known as white resin fillings. If you are looking for fillings that are more natural-looking, you should consider white resin fillings which are the same color as your teeth. They are very durable and are also resistant to fractures. They work really well with small and medium sized fillings and are ideal for back or front teeth.

White resin fillings tend to be more costly that your regular amalgam fillings but they remain affordable. Additionally, people continue to opt for them because they look a lot better than gold or amalgam fillings. Everybody values a bright smile and people want to have fillings that will match their natural teeth.

Advantages of white resin fillings

  1. Safety – Metals are known to leach into one’s mouth and end up in the bloodstream. Silver amalgam fillings have mercury in trace amounts and mercury is a neurotoxin. White resin fillings do not contain any dangerous chemicals or metals.


  1. Low sensitivity risk – White resin fillings act as an insulation against temperature fluctuations in the mouth, thus reducing sensitivity. Whereas metal transfers cold or heat very quickly, white resin does not. Therefore, the sensitivity to cold or hot food is reduced.


  1. Stability – Metal tends to contract and expand with the fluctuation of temperature and silver amalgam is no different. As such, over time there is wear and tear to the structure of the tooth surrounding the filling. White resin does not contract and expand with changes in temperature and so there is no damage caused by the same.


  1. Looks natural – Perhaps the greatest advantage of white resin fillings is at they are aesthetically pleasing. They can also be matched to the shade of your natural teeth to make sure that they blend in seamlessly. Additionally, they match the luster of your natural teeth. The end result is a natural-looking tooth.

Taking care of them is easy. Simply observe oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and taking care not to eat too much sugary foods and candy. You can have your white resin fillings done in Tijuana, Mexico by some of the best dentists there are.

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