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Located in a state-of-the-art facility in Zona Rio, close to several nice hotels, and many restaurants, ensuring a pleasant stay. We at EG Dental are ready to greet you with a smile and make your visit a comfortable, professional and safe experience. While we specialize in smile makeovers and root canals, we also offer cosmetic dentistry, veneers, general dentistry and cleanings, and we will work within your budget to help you get the smile you have been dreaming of. We have an English-speaking staff, who have had many years of experience. We guarantee our work, and promise to give you excellent dental care.

Quality, Integrity, Excellence

The EG Dental charter starts with quality, taking to heart the needs of our patients first. EG Dental has built its reputation on being the very best in the field. That reputation continues today, and will carry on far into the future. Our patients know that excellence is in the very foundation of our practice.