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Affordable Dental Escapades in Tijuana

In recent years, dental tourism has become increasingly popular due to the soaring costs of dentistry in the USA. As individuals seek ways to save money in a strained economy, turning to other countries for dental care has emerged as a viable option. With dental treatment costs abroad being a mere fraction of what they are in the US, dental tourism presents a sensible alternative, particularly for those in need of extensive dental procedures.

There are several key factors to play when deciding on a dental tourism destination. Tijuana, Mexico is the best ideal dental tourism destination. Location, pricing, and quality unite for an exceptional experience.

Why is Tijuana Mexico the Best Location for Dental Tourism?

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Discover the Proximity Advantage of Tijuana for Dental Tourism. Easily Accessible for Californians and Nationwide. Fly to San Diego, CA, and Enjoy a Short 25-Minute Drive to our Tijuana Dental Clinic. Seamless Communication with English-speaking Dentists and Patient Coordinator. Skip Long-haul Flights to Distant Destinations. No Need to Travel to India, Singapore, Costa Rica, or Cancun. Tijuana’s Close Proximity to San Diego Eliminates Travel Hassles. Ideal for Multiple Visits, Implants, and Oral Surgery. Choose Convenience and Practicality for Your Dental Vacation.

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Prices for Dental Tourism in Tijuana

Save Big on Dental Costs in Tijuana! Enjoy 30% Lower Prices Compared to the US. For example, Pay Only $265 for a Porcelain Crown (vs. $900 in the US) and $760 for a Dental Implant (vs. $2200 in the US). While India may offer lower prices, consider the added expenses and inconveniences. Tijuana provides substantial savings with minimal inconvenience. Don’t Miss Out on Affordable Dentistry Without Sacrificing Quality. Book Your Appointment Today and Experience the Benefits of Tijuana’s Cost-Effective Dental Care.




Quality of Dental Tourism in Mexico

Mexican dentists are renowned worldwide for their exceptional training and extensive experience, making them among the best in the field. They demonstrate a remarkable level of professionalism and expertise. In Mexico, dentists adhere to rigorous academic standards that surpass their American counterparts. After graduating from dental university, Mexican dentists undergo an additional year of dentistry studies and a two-year internship called “Servicio Social” under experienced dentists.

EG Dental Escapes in Tijuana

This comprehensive preparation equips them to be highly skilled professionals. In Tijuana, Mexican dentists benefit from a high influx of patients, including those from nearby areas like San Diego and Los Angeles, allowing them to gain valuable experience rapidly. At EG Dental, we take pride in having some of Tijuana’s finest dentists, making us an excellent choice for dental tourism in Mexico. We back the quality of our dental work with a guarantee: if any treatment fails, we will replace or redo it without hesitation. This guarantee reflects our commitment to consistently delivering excellent dentistry from the beginning.

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Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico is SAFE

When considering dental tourism in Tijuana, safety is a common concern. However, the misconception that Mexico, particularly Tijuana, is dangerous is unfounded.

Don't be swayed by misinformation about Tijuana. It's important not to generalize the entire country based on isolated incidents. Comparing Tijuana to places like Juarez is like comparing San Diego to Chicago.

Affordable Dental Escapades in Tijuana

At EG Dental Clinic, we are located in Zona Rio, the safest and most modern part of Tijuana, far from any problem areas. Nearby, you'll find reputable 4 and 5-star hotels for a safe and comfortable stay.

In reality, Tijuana's violent crime rate is low, on par with San Diego. For perspective, Los Angeles has a violent crime rate of more than double, and Chicago's is three and a half times higher than Tijuana's. Rest assured, your safety and well-being are our top priorities during your dental tourism experience in Mexico.

There are several reasons that you will find that EG Dental is the best choice for dental tourism in Mexico.


We offer great service. Our commitment to providing great service sets us apart. Our dedicated patient coordinator is fluent in both English and Spanish, ensuring effective communication throughout your entire dental journey. He will handle all your needs, from arranging transportation to and from San Diego airport to Tijuana to coordinating your hotel stay. Count on him to recommend excellent lodging options and suggest local dining and activities for you to enjoy during your time between appointments. His personal attention and care will make your visit to Tijuana stress-free and provide you with a sense of security.


We also have a great dentists who do wonderful dentistry. Our dentists are highly experienced and skilled in various areas of dentistry, allowing us to provide a wide range of services. From comprehensive dental rehabilitation to transforming smiles through smile makeovers, we excel in performing dental implants, root canals, crowns, veneers, bridges, and dentures. As a full-service clinic, we are fully equipped to handle any dental treatment you require, ensuring you receive the comprehensive care you deserve.


Our dental treatments provide substantial cost savings compared to US dentists, without compromising quality. Our modern clinic, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, is staffed by board-certified specialists committed to delivering exceptional results. We back our dentistry with a guarantee, ensuring any defects are promptly addressed at no additional cost.

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We invite you to EG Dental in Tijuana, Mexico for your dental tourism vacation. We will do our best to serve you well. We'd like to hear your questions and will answer any concerns you may have. To schedule your appointment, click the button to request an online appointment.