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Before and After

Before & After of Cosmetic Dentistry Transformations

These photos show some of the possible new smiles that are available to you at our Tijuana dental clinic. Explore our before and after images to see the incredible potential of a dental makeover. Experience the transformative effects it can have on your smile, boosting both your appearance and confidence. Let our skilled dentists at Samaritan bring your dream smile to life. Enjoy substantial savings as you finally attain the smile you’ve always desired. Compared to US dental clinics, Samaritan offers a dental makeover at a significantly lower cost, saving you thousands of dollars.

Materials used for dental crowns can be from less expensive porcelain fused to metal (pdf), to all-porcelain crowns and veneers, (e.max), to porcelain fused to zirconia, and finally solid zirconia. The cost is a little different, and the aesthetic quality and strength are different.

A pdf crowns is a metal cap that is made to cover the tooth, and then porcelain is mounted to the crown. This is the least expensive, and although it can last for years, it doesn’t last as long as a zirconia crown. The porcelain can chip, over time, and the zirconia seals better. Pfm cannot be used for veneers, but only for crowns. 

Zirconia crowns are the best sealing, as they are made with a cad/cam design and fit very precisely over the prepped teeth. They are very hard and are given the longest warranty. Although they have new zirconium products that have luminesce and not are opaque, for the most cosmetic appearance the dentist will use crowns that have a layer of porcelain in the front.  Zirconia can also be used for veneers, and it works well because it is chip-proof.

An e.max, all-porcelain crown has the best aesthetic and is best suited for front teeth, as they can chip on molars. These crowns have the nicest luminesce and look very natural. E.max is also commonly used for dental veneers, because of their cosmetic appearance.

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