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Best treatments for teeth sensitivity

The pain caused by teeth sensitivity can be annoying. It can cause one not to enjoy eating and drinking foods such as ice cream and coffee. You might even find it hard brushing or flossing your teeth due to the pain caused by teeth sensitivity. Some people even experience dental pain when they breathe through their mouths, especially during cold days.

So what causes teeth sensitivity to occur? It’s mainly caused by dentin exposure. Dentin is an inner layer of your tooth with lots of tiny canals that extent all the way to the nerve endings in the tooth root. The pain experienced when one drinks or eats certain foods is normally as a result of the exposed dentin coming into contact with foods and extreme temperature. Tooth sensitivity may happen near the gum, filling or even crown.

Other common tooth sensitivity causes

Other common tooth sensitivity causes include: periodontal disease, use of teeth whitening products, cracked teeth, teeth decay, aggressive brushing and defective fillings. The good news is, tooth sensitivity is very much avoidable and there are various treatments for it.

How to avoid teeth sensitivity (And how to treat it) 

It can be quite challenging to avoid all the causes of teeth sensitivity but some can be prevented. One way to do so is by practicing good dental hygiene. Ensure your toothbrush is soft-bristled and always brush your teeth in a gentle way – especially around your gum line. 

Regular dental visits are also key to avoiding teeth sensitivity. These visits ensure your dental health is routinely examined and professionally cleaned. Dental visits also help detect teeth problems early on, hence fixing them before they become full-blown problems. 

Best treatments for teeth sensitivity 

  1. Use a desensitizing toothpaste. Using a desensitizing toothpaste can help prevent dental pains caused by sensitive teeth. Your dentist can help choose the right desensitizing toothpaste for you.
  2. Root canal. Root canal is a procedure that removes the soft center of the tooth called pulp. The tooth’s inside is then cleaned and sealed. While many people fear this procedure, the truth is, it’s not painful at all. Root canal is considered to be one of the best treatments for teeth sensitivity. At EG Dental, you can get a root canal done in a professional and less painful way. Their rates are also way cheaper compared other dental centers in Tijuana. Get in touch with them today.

Other treatments you may consider include:

  • Dental fillings
  • Fluoride
  • Teeth bonding


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