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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Tijuana is safer than many major U.S. cities. The violent crime rate is lower than in Los Angeles and New Orleans. Over 30,000 U.S. citizens live here, showing how safe they feel. The media may exaggerate, but Tijuana has returned to normal after past issues. The Mexican government prioritizes tourist safety. Don’t let misconceptions deter you—Tijuana is not Juarez! Enjoy your time here with confidence.

Ideally, have a U.S. passport or a passport card with an RFID chip for easy U.S. entry. In a dental emergency, a passport isn’t a must. Many patients cross with just a U.S. driver’s license. Mexico doesn’t ask for ID upon entry, and US Customs won’t refuse entry to U.S. citizens. To avoid any issues, carry your driver’s license and a secondary ID like a birth certificate. Even an expired passport works with U.S. Customs. Come to Tijuana worry-free for dental care!

Yes! We offer airport pick-ups for flying patients at San Diego airport. Local patients get a free pick-up at the border on the Mexico side. Check our Border Shuttle page for details.

Rest assured, our dentists’ skill level matches or exceeds that of U.S. dentists. With excellent education and vast experience treating numerous U.S. citizens daily, they’re well-equipped. We use U.S.-purchased materials, ensuring a highly satisfactory dental experience at our clinic.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how nice our clinic looks inside. We follow U.S. clinic protocols for sterilization, cleaning, and sanitizing instruments. With regular unannounced inspections by the Health Department in Mexico, we ensure compliance with all rules to keep our clinic open and maintain high standards of care. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

New Border Crossing Regulations


You must now have a US passport to cross the border:

Just like the U.S. Government requires passports for entry, Mexico now also mandates passports for crossing their border. Ensure you have your passport ready to avoid any delays or hassle with both US and Mexican Customs. Stay prepared and hassle-free!

If you haven’t yet gotten a US Passport, Get the “Passport Card” instead of the “Passport Book” for quicker border crossings with the RFID chip. Apply for both options because the card qualifies you for “Ready Lanes” as a pedestrian or in a car. 

Visit the government website for more info.


You will need to get a Tourist Visa at the border:  

Pedestrian Crossing: When walking into Mexico, bring your U.S. passport and fill out a tourist permit form (takes 5 mins). However, keep the permit on you as proof of legal entry. For a week’s visit to Tijuana, the permit is free. For longer stays or visits to other places, get the 180-day permit for $25.

Crossing the border by car: When in Tijuana, it’s essential to show proof of legal border crossing if stopped. Don’t forget to get your tourist permit, even though Mexican Customs may not ask for documents when you drive through. The process is quick. Upon crossing into Mexico, don’t join the car inspection lanes. Instead, head to the Voluntary Declaration area. It’s where you’ll find the Immigration office to obtain your tourist permit. Just park and go inside. Mention you’re visiting and shopping to make it easier. Avoid giving specific clinic or hotel addresses to reduce hassle.