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Personalized attention, gives you options for your needs, I felt very well cared for, Dr. Eva María did an excellent job without pain and I loved the results. The entire team takes care of you very well. Thank you EG Dental. I highly recommend them.


I can’t speak highly enough about the friendly hospitality and professionalism I experienced at EG Dental. Everyone there on all 3 of my visits were so attentive to my pain sensitivity due to past trauma. I feel they did everything in their power to comfort me & alleviate my fears. They were fast & precise. Warm & friendly. The receptionist went above & beyond in assisting with my navigation from Hawaii. (Yes. Completely worth the travel!) I highly recommend EG Dental!


what I pay out of pocket in the U.S. for dental work is double the price of what I pay at E.G. Dental. The dentists are absolutely professional and very pleasant. However, the true gem in this office, is Adam who coordinates all your appointments and makes your office wait for pleasure with the most interesting conversations.


Great place to get dental work done. The Dentist made me feel very comfortable. I am a very nervous person, once I walk through the door, I calm down. Adam is the first person I communicated with and the first person I seen when I walked in the office great customer service and very knowledgeable, it made me feel I was really getting taken care of. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. I have had a good amount of dental work done, the Dentist’s are Awesome!!!!


I first found them through Yelp, back at the end of 2020. I then went on their website and read their information and they even had some prices listed there too. I was able to schedule an appointment over the phone, and it’s great because Adan speaks English. So as we all know the US healthcare system can be expensive, even with insurance. I was looking at dental services in TJ because they offer the same services at a fraction of the price. In the US I was quoted about $6000 for dental work that I needed to be done. But I’ve gotten it done at EG Dental for way less. I haven’t completely done everything that I need, but I’ll probably be paying around half the price once everything is done. Besides their low prices, I love the staff here. The dentist Eva Guerrero is a sweetheart and looks out for her patients, (my fiancé has had to come here too). Adan and the dental assistant are nice and they make me feel at ease when I get dental procedures done. So please don’t hesitate to come here, I recommend them.


repaired repair. Adam explained every step before, during, and after each visit. He thoroughly broke down each invoice. He informed me ahead of each visit what my visit would entail and what my cost would be. Both dentists there and all the assistants became friends. I’m a hard sell too. But Dr Eva (Guerrero) reminded me of a team mom…a caring friend. So kind. Even though I’m the old guy! Dr Alan Martinez is so gentle. We all know the dentist can be frightening…but these 2 have made my complete makeover painless and at times fun! The result has been amazing. So many compliments…they were very fast. My procedure in San Diego was supposed to take 2 years +. Mine is complete in less than 9-10 months with Adam’s crew! I had one temp come off while eating ginger chewy candy and they took care of me and I have a very hectic schedule…if you like to talk football you will love Adam!!! My guy! I drive from Carlsbad, Ca. Takes me 40 minutes from parking to the door. Once you reach the cab, it’s about 10 mins. Sometimes it would take an hour to get back across depending on the time of day. The location is nice and in a safe medical district which mattered to me. I can’t thank them enough and will refer them to anyone! Trustworthy. Kind. Very affordable. Great results!!!


What I liked about this clinic in Tijuana was the service. They had someone pick me up where I walked across the border, and he took me to the clinic, which is in a very nice area of Tijuana, and a pretty new medical building. The guy at the front desk, Ivan, was very friendly and helpful. The clinic is small but is modern. Dr. Eva Guerrero did a root canal on me, and several crowns. She seems to be a very competent dentist. I do know that everything turned out better than I had hoped, and I am very satisfied.


excellentvery good and the clinic is in the best part of Tijuana... Zona Rio area....I Love this place. I will recommend EG Dental to my Family and Friends, they have any type of dentist you may need.. from an Orthodontist to a periodontist, Root Canal specialist, and Implant Specialist.


I normally go to another dental clinic that is close by, but they referred me to Dr Eva of EG Dental, to do several root canals. I have had work done with Dr. Eva about 3 times, over the years, since she became a root canal specialist. I had never left a review before, at either clinic, so finally decided to take the time to go ahead and do it. Mainly because I appreciate the very good care they have taken of me over the years, and it is about time that I express it. EG Dental is in a modern medical building, in the heart of Zona Rio. EG is a smaller clinic, but it is very nice and has newer equipment. Dr Eva is capable. They have other dentists who do general dentistry as well, but they have never attended me. Although they seem nice, and certainly look the part. From my treatments with Dr Eva, who is the owner, and head dentist, I would trust the other staff as well. I want to give my recommendation to EG Dental because I have received quality dental care here.


I had such a wonderful experience about 3 weeks ago. Everybody was amazing. Very professional and prepared. All the doctors were able to answer my questions and the service was amazing. I had an extraction of my wisdom tooth. They did an AMAZING work. They understood my anxiety about this process and explained everything step by step. Extremely happy for the service. I recommend everyone to come to this clinic. I had to stay an extra day and you can find good and affordable hotels just a few blocks away from the clinic. Everything was more than great. My experience with EG Dental was wonderful. All the teachers are professionals and always attentive to answer any question. I had phenomenal service. I went because of a problem with my wisdom teeth. I received fantastic service. Everyone was attentive and the doctor who operated was incredible. They explained everything to me step by step and in fact, understood my fear of undergoing these types of procedures. I recommend everyone to come. They won't regret it. The service is phenomenal. You will find hotels close to the clinic. Everyone was very friendly and incredibly treated me. I ended up very happy with the service received. They are the best.


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EG Dental in Tijuana is your go-to for top-notch oral health and a dazzling smile. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate care, ensuring transformative results. Our cutting-edge facility guarantees the highest standard of treatment, from routine care to cosmetic enhancements and restorative procedures. We believe in affordable, quality dental care for all, prioritizing your well-being through exceptional dentistry. 

Experience the EG Dental difference in Tijuana — your reliable partner for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Dental Reviews


What is EG Dental in Tijuana known for?

  • EG Dental is renowned for providing high-quality and affordable dental care in Tijuana, Mexico.

How can I schedule an appointment with EG Dental?

  • Scheduling an appointment is easy. You can contact them directly through their website or by phone.

What types of dental services does EG Dental offer?

  • EG Dental offers a wide range of services, including cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and cosmetic dentistry.

Is it safe to get dental treatments at EG Dental in Tijuana?

  • Yes, it’s safe. EG Dental follows strict safety and sanitation protocols, and Tijuana is a well-established destination for dental tourism.

Are the dental treatments at EG Dental more affordable than in the United States?

  • Absolutely. EG Dental provides quality care at a fraction of the cost you might pay in the U.S.

Can I expect the same level of professionalism and expertise as in the United States?

  • Yes, EG Dental has a team of highly trained dentists with international experience, ensuring top-tier care.

What payment options are available at EG Dental?

  • EG Dental typically offers various payment options, including cash, credit cards, and sometimes financing plans.

How long does a typical dental procedure take at EG Dental?

  • The duration depends on the complexity of the procedure, but the staff at EG Dental strive for efficiency without compromising quality.

Can I combine dental treatments with exploring Tijuana while at EG Dental?

  • Certainly! Tijuana has a vibrant culture, and you can easily blend dental treatments with exploring the city’s attractions.

How can I learn more about EG Dental in Tijuana and its services?

  • To find out more about EG Dental, you can visit their website, contact them directly, or explore reviews from patients who have experienced their services.

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