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Dental Tourism in Tijuana MexicoDental tourism has gained a lot of momentum over the years because of the ever rising costs of dentistry in the USA. With the economy under stress, people are looking for ways to save money, and since the costs of dentistry in other countries is just a fraction of what the prices are in the US, it make sense to consider dental tourism as an alternative, especially if you are looking at major dental work.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a destination for dental tourism. Location, price, and quality of service are the most important considerations. We recommend Tijuana Mexico as the best destination for dental tourism in the world. Below we will elaborate the virtues of choosing Tijuana Mexico as your best destination for dental tourism.

Why the best location for dental tourism is in Tijuana, Mexico: The best reason for choosing Tijuana as you destination for dental tourism is simply because it is very close to the USA. For those who are in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any other part of California, it is an easy choice to consider going to Tijuana for dental work. But even for those in places like New York, Florida, Hawaii, or Alaska, Tijuana is still your closest destination. All you have to do is fly to San Diego, CA and our clinic can arrange transportation to bring you to our Tijuana dentist office. The clinic is just a 25 minute drive from the San Diego airport. Our dentist can all speak English, and our patient coordinator is an American. To go to some of the other destinations for dental tourism, is not even comparable because of the great distance. Why fly to India, or Singapore, or Costa Rica, or even Cancun when all you have to do is drive or fly to San Diego? Also to consider in your dental tourism excursion, what if you need more than one trip? For some treatments, like dental implants, or oral surgery, you may have to return to the dentist after a few months to continue the treatments. Again, because Tijuana is so close to San Diego, it is a much more convenient destination for a dental vacation.

Dental Tourism in Tijuana MexicoPrices for dental tourism in Tijuana Mexico: When comparing the prices for dentistry in Tijuana to the USA, you will find that the costs average about 30% for the same work. For example, the average price for a standard porcelain crown in the US runs about $900, while at our dentist office in Tijuana, we charge just $265. To place a dental implant in the US, the average price is about $2200, while we charge $760 for dental implant in Tijuana Mexico. Although one may find prices to be a little bit less when traveling to somewhere like India, the costs of travel, and the inconvenience of the trip, negate the advantage. But when comparing the costs of dentistry in the US to the cost of a dentist in Mexico, the savings are enormous, and the inconvenience is minimal.

Quality of Dental Tourism in Mexico: Mexico dentists are some of the best trained and most experienced dentists in the world. We have a very high level of professionalism and skill. The dentists in Mexico are held to a very high academic standard, and when a Mexican dentist graduates from the dental university, they actually have one more year of studies in dentistry than an American dentist. Then, after graduation, all Mexican dentists are required to do two years of internship called “Sevicio Social”, under an experienced dentist, before they are allowed to practice on their own. This makes a Mexican dentist more prepared than their US counter parts. Then, when you consider that there are so many patients from nearby San Diego, and Los Angeles, California, who take advantage of the lower costs of dentistry in Tijuana, you can understand how the Mexican dentists can quickly gain a lot of experience. A Mexican dentist in Tijuana Mexico, is generally super competent, skilled, and knowledgeable. At EG Dental, we have some of the best dentists in Tijuana Mexico, and so we make an excellent place to consider for your destination for dental tourism in Mexico. We even offer a guarantee for our dental work in Mexico, and will replace or redo any dental work that we do if it fails. We offer this guarantee for services with confidence because we do excellent dentistry to begin with.

Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico is SAFE: One big concern that people have when considering Tijuana as a destination for dental tourism, is whether or not they will be safe. They have heard that it is dangerous to travel in Mexico, and that Tijuana is an unsafe border town. This is patently untrue. Yes, there are bad things that happen in the red light district, where people go to solicit prostitutes or drugs, but that is true of every US city as well. EG Dental clinic is located in the Zona Rio, the nicest, and most modern part of Tijuana. We are far away from any problem areas. We have several 4 and 5 star hotels close by, offering a safe and comfortable place to stay for your dental vacation. Don’t listen to any disinformation about Tijuana. The places in Mexico, like Juarez, are a very long ways away. You should not paint the entire country of Mexico with the same brush. To compare Tijuana to Juarez, is like comparing San Diego to Chicago. The violent crime rate in Tijuana is very low, in fact it is the same statistic as in San Diego. To compare, the violent crime rate in Los Angeles is more than double, and in Chicago, it is three and a half times higher than Tijuana. Don’t worry, we will take good care of you during your dental vacation as a dental tourist in Mexico.

Why EG Dental is the best dentist in Tijuana Mexico for Dental Tourism: There are several reasons that you will find that EG Dental is the best choice for dental tourism in Mexico.

1. First, we offer great service. Our patient coordinator will take care of all your needs. He is completely bi-lingual, and his English is perfect. He can arrange your transportation from San Diego airport to Tijuana, and will get you back and forth from your hotel to the clinic. He will also arrange your stay, and help you to select a great hotel for your lodging. He can even recommend places to eat, and things to do, in between your appointments. He will give you that personal attention that makes your visit to Tijuana less stressful, and makes you feel secure.

2. Second, we have great dentists who do wonderful dentistry. Our dentists have a lot of experience in both general dentistry, as well as specializations. We can do full dental rehabilitation, smile makeovers, dental implants in Mexico, root canals, crowns, veneers, bridges, and dentures. We are a full service clinic, and can take care of any dental treatment that you have need of.

3. Our prices for dental treatments in Tijuana, are not only a fraction of what US dentists charge, but are also very competitive for what other dental clinics in Tijuana charge. Our clinic is very modern, well equipped, uses only board certified specialists, and to top that off, we guarantee our dentistry. We will replace or repair any dental work that is defective at no cost, here in our clinic.

Things to do while on your Dental Tourism vacation: One last thing to mention is that in Tijuana, there are a lot of things to do while here for dental tourism. When our patients come for major dental work, like a smile makeover, we can get a lot of things done in 7 days. Usually, all the prep work is done in two to 3 days, and then, there will be a period of 2 to 4 days that you will have to wait while the dental lab make all of your crowns, before the finished dental work can be cemented into place. This means that the patients generally have 2 to 4 days of down time. This gives you time to do a little vacationing, while you wait for your dental work to get done. There are several attractions here in Tijuana.

1. Tijuana is a restaurant Mecca for the “Foodies”. There is a lot of high quality, world class restaurants in Tijuana. Many of which are just a few blocks from where EG Dental is located.

2. There is a world famous tourist shopping area in downtown. Are you interested in Mexican curios, and things to buy to take home to your friends? There are a lot of very interesting places to shop at nearby, including the Plaza Rio Mall.

3. The beach is just 20 minutes away. Do you like to walk on the beach, or sit out at a sidewalk café and sip lattes, while you look out at the ocean? The beach is not too far away.

4. Night life in Tijuana is also very active. Mexicans, by nature are night people. If you enjoy listening to music, and sipping a beer, there are plenty of places nearby where you can enjoy the night life.

We invite you to come to EG Dental in Tijuana, Mexico for your dental tourism vacation. We will do our best to serve you well, doesn’t matter if you come in for a dental cleaning or a full set of dental implants in Mexico, we will take good care of you. Please contact us for more information. We welcome your questions, and will answer any concerns you may have.

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