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Dental Treatment under Anesthesia

Fear of the dentist is more common than you may think and you have probably been anxious about a visit to the dentist. For this reason, some people avoid dental checkups at the dentist, resulting in various dental problems. In these cases, anesthesia can make a visit to the dentist easier.

Dental treatment under general anesthesia is often the only way to make dental treatment as easy as possible for people with serious dental anxiety. Another advantage of this approach is that multipledental treatments can be performed in one session. While under anesthesia you will not feel anything.

At our clinic we offer patients a complete package of dental services including treatment under anesthesia. We can perform almost all dental treatments under anesthesia, from extractions to complex aesthetic dentistry treatments. With us you are assured of professional care, modern equipment and highly experienced specialists.

We offer dental treatments under anesthesia for:

  • Patients struggling with a fear of dental treatment where regular treatment is not an option
  • Installation of full or partial dentures
  • Dental renovation
  • Molar extractions
  • Dental implant installations
  • Crown or bridge installation
  • Tooth filling
  • Root canal treatment and many other dental treatments

Who can be treated under anesthesia?

Whether you can be treated under anesthesia depends on several factors. During your first consultation, our dentist will ask a series of questionsto find out if medication you are currently taking can lead to possible complications, or whether you have allergies to certain drugs. There are also a number of conditions that you must meet in order to be treated under anesthesia. For example, your BMI (body mass index) should not exceed the permitted index and you are generally in good health.

Get professional dental treatment under anesthesia

We believe that the fear of the dentist should be tackled at its core. We are fully committed to ensuring patients with dental anxiety can visit a dentist again in the future with a sense of familiarity and peace of mind. Only in this way can their dental problems be treated.

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