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Dentistry in Mexico – Safety in Tijuana is no longer a problem

There has been a lot of bad press about traveling to Mexico, which has certainly stifled the flow of American tourists south of the border. This has had great effect on dental tourism in Mexico, and the number of people willing to go to a dentist in Mexico. However, as the US press often does, bad news sells, and so often times things get sensationalized, whether or not they are accurately represented. With the US economy struggling, and family incomes dropping, dental tourism to Tijuana Mexico could be a great benefit to many people. Therefor it is important to get the facts straight, so that people will not be afraid of taking advantage of the huge savings available by going to a dentist in Mexico, and when a Tijuana dentist is so close and easily accessible.

What is the truth about safety in Mexico? Is it safe to go to a dentist in Mexico for dental tourism? It is true that over 6 years ago, in 2008, there were some problems in Tijuana with drug cartels. However, drug violence is not only in Mexico, but also in many US cities, especially places like Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans. All of which have 3 to 5 times the violent crime rate of Tijuana. Yes, there were some problems in Tijuana back in 2008, but the truth is, the violence was in the areas of the city, and with the individuals involved with drug trafficking. The typical US tourist in Tijuana, never saw any of the violence, and was blissfully unaware of anything happening. Since the problems in 2008, the city has worked very hard to clean up the city, and Tijuana is the safest border city in Mexico. Tijuana is a great place for dental tourism, and is certainly one of the safest places to go to a dentist in Mexico. In fact, the statistics show that today, the violent crime rate in Tijuana is the same or lower than that of San Diego, and has just a third the violent crime rate of Los Angeles, CA. Although there are still parts of Mexico that have problems, Tijuana is not one of them. Don’t fall into the trap of believing every rumor that you hear, and certainly don’t paint Tijuana with the same brush as Juarez, or Mexico City. You are certainly SAFE to come to a dentist in Tijuana Mexico.

In every city, there are parts of town that are not as safe as others. Tijuana is no different. The old part of downtown, the Zona Norte, is the part of Tijuana that you should avoid late at night. However, EG Dental is not anywhere near that area. When you come to visit your dentist in Tijuana Mexico, you will have a pleasant experience. EG Dental is located in the Zona Rio, which is the nicest part of Tijuana. Our Tijuana dentist office is in a modern medical building, located in a very clean and well-kept area. We have very nice 4 and 5 star hotels just a couple of blocks away, where you will be very comfortable, and safe, during your dental vacation in Mexico.

Please consider coming to EG Dental, and letting us serve you as your dentists in Mexico. We strive to take very good care of our patients, and you won’t be disappointed with chosing us as you destination for dental tourism in Mexico.

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