Dentists in Mexico are the best source for dental implants

Beyond a doubt, the very best solution for teeth replacement is dental implants. Dental implants not only can give you a new tooth, without having to effect the adjacent teeth, like with a fixed bridge, but dental implants also give the additional benefit of maintaining you bone structure, arresting bone loss, by stimulating the bone surrounding the implant. One a tooth is extracted, without the presence of a tooth root to stimulate the bone, the jawbone begins to dissolve away, and you suffer bone loss. The dental implant acts like a tooth root, stimulates the bone, and thus you maintain bone structure. With a fixed bridge, the bone in the site of the missing tooth dissolves away, and eventually the adjacent teeth are compromised as well. That is one of the main reasons why a dental implant makes a far superior solution.

The problem with dental implants is mainly the cost. The price of dental implants in the USA, including the surgical dental implant placement, as well as the abutment, and the final crown, will run from $3600 to $4500 with a US dentist. However, a dentist in Tijuana Mexico can offer you a great alternative, especially in price. Our dental implant specialist at EG Dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico only charges $1300 for everything.

There are a lot of other benefits with the placement of dental implants in Tijuana Mexico, besides the prices. Our dentists in Tijuana Mexico are very skilled. Our dental implant specialists have had extensive training as MDDS. They are Medical Doctors in oral medicine, with an additional specialization in dental implants, and oral surgery. Our dental implant specialists do over 3,500 dental implants in Mexico per year.

Also, at EG Dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico, we will give you the best service and attention of any other dental clinic in Tijuana. Our patient coordinator has a lot of years of taking care of the needs of American patients who come to Tijuana for dental tourism with dentists in Mexico. He can arrange your transportation from the San Diego Airport, to our dentist in Mexico. He can also make your hotel reservations and provide local transportation. At EG Dental in Tijuana, we will take very good care of you.


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