Driving Instructions in Tijuana, MX

One great perk of bringing your car to Tijuana and visiting EG Dental is our Fast Pass service for your return journey across the border. With the Fast Pass, you can access a dedicated medical/dental lane that puts you at the front of the line, allowing you to cross the border in just 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a convenient and time-saving option for our patients, ensuring a smoother and faster border crossing experience.

"Things to Remember"

  • As you approach the US-Tijuana border, make sure you have all your necessary documents, including your passport and any required permits.
  • Use the designated lane to enter Mexico and pass through Mexican Customs. Be prepared to show your passport and fill out a tourist entry form if required.
  • Once you’re in Tijuana, pay attention to traffic signs and local driving customs. Be aware that traffic rules may differ from what you’re used to in the US.
  • Keep your car locked when driving in busy areas and be cautious of pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers.
  • Use navigation apps or GPS to help you navigate through the city and find your destination easily.
  • Take note of parking areas and follow parking regulations to avoid any issues.
  • If you’re unsure about directions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask locals for help. Many people in Tijuana are friendly and willing to assist visitors.
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driving Instructions way to EG Dental

Driving Instructions 1


After passing through the inspection lane, follow the flow of cars out of Mexican Customs. As you exit, follow the signs leading to ZONA RIO. Stick to the left lanes, go up a ramp, and then make a right onto the main street. Stay towards the right and merge smoothly. In your view ahead, there’s a COSTCO. Drive past it, and now you’re on PASEO de los HEROES, the main street. 

Driving Instructions 2


Start by heading South on either Interstate 5 or 805. These two freeways merge at the border. As you cross into Mexico, the traffic will turn right along the border fence before you reach Mexican Customs. Choose a traffic lane and proceed through the control lanes. A traffic light will signal either green or red. Green means you can continue, while red requires a stop for inspection.

Driving Instructions


Keep moving forward, and you’ll encounter a traffic circle with a scissor-like statue. Continue past this circle and two more; the third has a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Soon after, you’ll spot OFFICE DEPOT. Make a right turn after it. Just a short distance away, on your left, there’s the “Farmacia Del Sol” pharmacy. Behind it, with the main entrance on the adjacent street, is our building, “Medica Norte.”

Driving Instructions 4


 For parking, your best bet is a paid parking lot on your right. Drive half a block past our building’s entrance and you’ll find the entrance to the parking lot. It costs $1 (12 pesos) per hour.

Feel free to consult the photos on this page and follow Google Maps for further assistance. Safe travels!

Driving Instructions 3


How do I drive to EG Dental in Zona Rio, Tijuana from the San Diego border?

  • After crossing the border, head southeast on Calle Segunda, and take a right onto Paseo de los Heroes. EG Dental is located in Zona Rio.

What’s the best route to avoid heavy traffic when driving to EG Dental in Zona Rio?

  • Utilize navigation apps like Google Maps for real-time traffic updates to find the most efficient route based on current conditions.

Is there parking available at EG Dental in Zona Rio?

  • Yes, we typically provides parking facilities for patients, making it convenient for those driving to their appointments.

How far is EG Dental in Zona Rio from the San Diego border?

  • We are around 10-15 minutes from the San Diego border, depending on traffic conditions.

Can I use GPS navigation to find EG Dental in Zona Rio? 

  • Absolutely, most GPS navigation apps can accurately guide you to EG Dental by entering the clinic’s address.

Are there any notable landmarks near EG Dental in Zona Rio for easier navigation?

  • Look out for Plaza Rio Tijuana, a popular shopping center nearby. EG Dental is conveniently situated in the Zona Rio district.

 What should I do if I encounter difficulty finding EG Dental in Zona Rio? 

  • Feel free to contact EG Dental for assistance. They can provide additional directions or guide you to the clinic.

Are there tolls along the route?

  • While there may be tolls on Mexican highways, the route to Zona Rio from the border typically does not include toll booths.

Can I drive back to the United States after my appointment?

  • Yes, you can drive back to the U.S. after your appointment. Ensure you have the necessary travel documents for a smooth re-entry.

Are there nearby gas stations or convenience stores if I need anything during my drive to EG Dental in Zona Rio?

  • Yes, you’ll find gas stations and convenience stores along the way, making it convenient for any stops you might need to make during your journey.

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