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One advantage of taking your car into Tijuana, and driving to EG Dental, is that we can supply our patients with a Fast Pass, for returning back across the border. With a Fast Pass, you can take a special medical/dental lane, that takes you to the front of the line, and allows you to get over the border in 15 to 20 minutes.

Instructions for driving to EG Dental

Drive South on either Interstate freeways 5 or 805. The both merge together at the border. As you drive across the border, the traffic will immediately turn right, and go along the border fence, before entering Mexican Customs. Pick a traffic lane, and go through the control lanes. There will be a light that will turn green or red. Red means you will have to stop for inspection, and green allows you to proceed. After you pass through the inspection lane, just follow the rest of the cars out through the exit from Mexican Customs. As you exit customs, follow the signs to go to the ZONA RIO. You will keep in the lanes on the left, and will end up going up a ramp and turning right on to the main thoroughfare. At this point, keep to the right side, and merge to the right.

Ahead you will see a COSTCO. Drive past the COSTCO, and you are now on PASEO de los HEROES, which is the main street. As you continue ahead, you will come to a traffic circle with a statue that looks like the points of a pair of scissors. You will go past this traffic circle, and then two more traffic circles. The third traffic circle has a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Right after you pass Abraham Lincoln, you will see an OFFICE DEPOT store. Turn right just after you pass the Office Depot. After a very short block, on your left, you will see a Pharmacy named, “Farmacia Del Sol”. Just behind the pharmacy, with the main entrance being on the adjacent street, you can’t miss our building, “Medica Norte”.

PARKING: The best place to park is a pay parking lot on your right. Continue 1/2 block past the street where the entrance to our building is located, and you will see the entrance to the pay parking. The cost is $1, (12 pesos), per hour.

Please look at the photos on this page to help you, and follow the Google Maps instructions.

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