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Essential Tips: Preparing for dental treatment

It is always a good idea to prepare for dental treatment in good time. After the treatment, you want to have everything in place for a comfortable recovery. Below are useful tips to follow as your dental appointment approaches:

  • Clear your schedule on the day of the appointment. There may be complications and the procedure may take longer than expected. You want to be completely relaxed at the dentist’s office. It is therefore wise to make sure you are completely free on the day of the treatment.
  • Prepare suitable food to eat after the procedure.You may find you are unable to eat with one side of the mouth. Good food options after dental treatment include oatmeal, soy milk, soups, and applesauce. Avoid food or snacks containing sugar or dairy ingredients.
  • Stock up on the ice. Have a few large plastic bags with ice cubes ready in your freezer. You can then make smaller bags with sandwich bags yourself. You may need to put these on the cheek to reduce swelling.
  • Have straws at hand. You may not need them but they are useful if your lips are still numb. They are also convenient to use if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity.
  • Have some paracetamol at home. These have an anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effect. You will need them when the anesthesia from the doctor has worn off.

After the dental procedure

How the treatment itself proceeds depends entirely on your unique problem and the treatment method used. In one patient, a tooth may be extracted, while in another, treatment involved a surgical procedure. You may receive anesthesia which can make your lip and jaw numb and may tingle slightly.After treatment, the most sensible thing is to stay home for at least a day and place ice packs on your cheek in short intervals if there’s swelling.

Local anesthesia may still be in effect after you get home, but once it has worn off you can experience some pain. It is therefore wise not to wait until the anesthetic has worn off, but to take your first paracetamol an hour after the procedure. Your dentist will indicate the daily dose that you can take. Remember to avoid hot or very cold beverages. The same goes for food. Extreme temperatures can cause the wound to open and prevent blood clotting.

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