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Everything You Need to Know About Veneers

A lucky few are fortunate enough to have a near-perfect smile naturally, but in most cases, veneers make the smile look so charming. Veneers are incredibly thin sheets from porcelain or zirconia that protect and preserve healthy dental tissue. The minimally invasive procedure returns excellent functional and aesthetic results, protecting the integrity of your teeth and giving you a smile you’ve always wished you had.

Veneers adhere to the front face of minimally worn teeth and cover imperfections such as size, shape, color or position of teeth.

Veneers are highly recommended for patients who present diastemas, spaces between the teeth in layman’s terms, which are larger than usual. In cases where there is minimal dental malposition, and the use of orthodontics can be dispensed, there can be an option for adult patients who still have temporary teeth or morphological defects such as conical teeth.

In some, albeit in rare cases, the patient may not have enough dental structure to ensure the adhesion of dental veneers. If dental malposition is severe or the interdental spaces are excessive, the dentist will advise you of alternative treatment options which may suit you better.

Veneers can be obtained through one of two techniques, which depends on the material the patient has opted for. The indirect technique obtains study models from preliminary impressions and obtains the veneers that are then adhered in the patient’s mouth.

On the other hand, the direct technique is one in which the veneers are made directly into the patient’s mouth.

For this procedure to be achieved, an evaluation will be required in advance. The dentist needs to decide which of three methods to choose.

1. Minimal tooth reduction.

2. Standard tooth reduction.

3. No reduction.

At EG Dental, we favour Zirconium Ceramic Crowns or Veneers; at USD 495, we are a third of the cost of the same treatment in the United States.

Our dental staff all have access to the very best in continuing education courses and seminars. In an industry so competitive, we ensure we stand out from the rest by having a team of dentists who constantly better themselves and improve their skills.

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