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Getting Dental Implant Supported Dentures Done in Tijuana

Tooth loss is a serious problem—not only because it makes your smile look weird, but also because of the reasons of the loss of the tooth and the subsequent problems that follow in its wake. Centuries ago, people would just have to accept the fact that one tooth (or more) is missing, and carry on with their lives. Our ancestors did not really have much choice in the matter; they were born in a time when dentistry was not yet discovered. The loss of a tooth (or teeth) can affect the way your other teeth look inside your mouth, and pose problems when talking, eating, or smiling.

These days, dentistry is a widely accepted and practiced field of healthcare. However, this does not mean that it is cheap. The proliferation of dental professionals and dental clinics also does not mean that insurance companies will cover all of their policyholders’ dental expenses. This is why Tijuana, Mexico is now a great destination for those who wish to find treatment and solutions for their tooth loss problems.

One of the ways to effectively address tooth loss is the dental implant supported dentures. Unlike regular dentures (that are designed to rest on the gums), these dental implant supported dentures, are, based on the name, supported by and attached to dental implants. This type of dentures is prescribed for a patient that has lost teeth in the jaw area, but the jawbone is still intact and ideal for implant support. Typically, these dental implant supported dentures are designed for the lower jaw, as dental professionals have observed that conventional dentures are less stable in the lower jaw area. If the patient, however, needs dentures on the upper jaw, then conventional dentures will be recommended.

Dental clinics in Tijuana, Mexico offer two kinds of dental implant supported dentures: the ball-retained type and the bar-retained type. In these types of dentures, an acrylic base is used to mimic the appearance of gums. The artificial teeth are made of acrylic or porcelain, and will be anchored to at least two dental implants for adequate support.

Like in dental implants, titanium roots will be placed into the jawbone (usually in front of the mouth) when installing implant supported dentures. However, special consideration has to be done for patients who have lost their teeth for a long period of time. Once a patient has lost a tooth (or teeth), the bone in the jaw will recede as well.

Getting your dental implant supported dentures in Tijuana, Mexico is a good idea if cost is an issue for you. Aside from the cheaper price tags attached to the procedures, some American health insurance companies have begun to expand their coverage to clinics located in border cities.

Dental tourism is also perfect for those who want high quality dental care and services but do not want to pay the fast-rising healthcare costs in the United States, especially if they do not have dental or health insurance from their employers. In Tijuana, Mexico, you get to enjoy the services of highly qualified dental professionals, and enjoy the amazing scenery as well.

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