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Getting Dental Implants in Tijuana, Mexico

A smile is one of the most important elements of a first impression. However, a couple of spots missing from an otherwise great row of teeth can cause a person a whole lot of grief—smiling with one’s teeth showing is definitely out of the question, as well as good dental hygiene and proper chewing. In the past, people just got dentures to solve the problem, but these days—thanks to technology—people with missing teeth can always get implants to replace the ones that were lost due to illness, poor dental health, or injury.

Unlike dentures, dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. The dentures of the yesteryears are meant to be put in and taken out of the person’s mouth in regular periods of time, and would need readjustment over the years to better fit the person’s needs. Dental implants, on the other hand, start with titanium “roots” that will be inserted directly into the jawbone. These roots will hold the replacement teeth in place, allowing the patient to enjoy the benefits of real teeth. With dental implants, the patient can eat, talk, drink, and smile normally without worrying over the inconveniences that come with old-fashioned dentures.

The artificial teeth attached to dental implants are made of high quality material designed to be indistinguishable from the patient’s real teeth. If taken care of properly, the artificial teeth can last up to a decade or more. Aside from cosmetic reasons and the patient’s convenience (no more taking out your fake teeth every night!), dental implants can also prevent misaligned teeth and overcrowding—which could definitely boost the patient’s confidence to smile and avoid any dental health problems in the future.

Procedures for dental implants performed in the United States can be very expensive. First, the patient has to factor in the location of the clinic performing the surgery. Cities like New York and Los Angeles can be very expensive for any type of dental procedure. Of course, the reputation of the dental clinic performing the procedure should factor in the equation. You would not want to have just anyone (without the right qualifications and experience) to perform this procedure on you, since there are risks involved. A botched dental implant can cause permanent problems in the jawbone, as well as infections and a lopsided appearance in one’s face.

One of the fast-rising trends in the dental industry is dental tourism. This niche in the market is specifically for people who want high quality dental care without shelling out for the ostentatious healthcare prices in the United States. Aside from getting the best care and service from highly qualified dental professionals overseas, patients can also get to enjoy the attractions and scenic sights in their destination.

Tijuana in Mexico is one of the best destinations for dental tourism. This country is very close to the United States, but with a delightful touch of foreignness that makes it perfect for a short holiday while one is getting dental implants done. High quality dental care in Tijuana is not expensive, and thousands of Americans will attest to the professionalism and friendliness of Mexican dentists.

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