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High-Quality, High-Value Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico

Cosmetic dental procedures—especially those performed by highly skilled, experienced dental professionals—just might be the secret to a drop-dead gorgeous smile. However, cosmetic dentistry is still a very expensive niche in the dental health industry. Almost everyone would love to have a beautiful smile with straight, pearly white teeth, but not everyone could afford the steep price tags attached to the procedures.

A beautiful smile is not only for aesthetic purposes—it is also an evidence of good dental health of meticulous oral hygiene routines. Unfortunately, not all of us can have a perfect smile, and not all of us have dental insurance that will cover the cost of these cosmetic dental procedures. This is why dental tourism, or the practice of going to foreign cities near the United States for high quality yet inexpensive dental health services, is becoming increasingly popular.

At the heart of the dental tourism industry is Tijuana, a picturesque Mexican city offering modern and affordable dental health services and procedures performed by highly qualified and experienced dental professionals. More and more people, especially those without insurance policies that will cover their dental health needs at home, are discovering the benefits of dental tourism. Even those people who currently have dental insurance accepted by dental clinics in the United States are exploring the possibilities of dental tourism, mostly because cosmetic procedures are not covered by their insurance policies.

In Tijuana, patients can avail of the whole gamut of cosmetic dental procedures offered in the United States. Most patients opt for teeth whitening, a popular cosmetic procedure that involves the bleaching of stained or yellow teeth to achieve a Hollywood-perfect smile. Bleaching kits that allow people to perform teeth whitening at home are widely available in the United States, but the results cannot even come close to those of the professionally performed procedures.

Another popular cosmetic dental procedure that is inexpensive in Tijuana is tooth straightening. Thanks to the various technological advancements in the field of dentistry, people do not have to live with unattractively crooked teeth anymore. Patients also do not have to deal with years upon years of wearing dental braces just to make their teeth straighter. In Tijuana, patients who want to straighten their crooked teeth have plenty of treatment options, including veneers, “invisible” braces, and more.

Many Hollywood celebrities with picture-perfect smiles use veneers to mask the imperfections in their teeth. Veneers are thin wafers of high quality dental-grade materials that can hide stains and discolorations in the teeth, as well as cracked and crooked teeth. These veneers are often made of high quality porcelain, ceramic, or other composite materials that are known for their durability and strength. When installed and taken care of properly, veneers can last for more than a decade inside the patient’s mouth.

Dental tourism is a great way to find the best dental care that you deserve, without paying for more than you should. Plus, Tijuana is very near the United States—you can opt for a single-day trip for a cosmetic dental procedure, or stay a few days to enjoy the scenery and the wonderful beaches.