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  • Treatment Price List

  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Dental Implant Placement
  • Standard Finish Porcelain Crown
  • Immediate Acrylic Denture
  • E. Max Veneers
  • Regular Cleaning
  • White Composite Filling One Surface
  • Evaluation and X-Rays
  • Tijuana

  • $265 - $290
  • $795
  • $295
  • $350
  • $425
  • $45
  • $60
  • $20
  • USA

  • $850 - $1,250
  • $2,250
  • $750
  • $825
  • $750
  • $150
  • $190
  • $120

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Why Choose EG Dental?

  • Our Dental Staff

    Our dental staff members are highly skilled, board certified dentists with vast experience in creating smile makeovers, veneers, crowns and restorative dentistry. For root canals, oral surgery, and dental implants, we use board certified specialists.

  • Our Prices

    Save up to 70% at our Mexico Dental Clinic, compared to US prices. EG Dental is your connection to affordable dentistry! We offer quality services at the best prices around. Take a look at our price list, and find out for yourself how EG Dental is the right choice for all your dental needs!

  • Our Facilities

    We have a State-of the Art facility, with modern high tech equipment, digital x-rays, and high definition TV monitors for the patients to view x-rays and photos of their teeth. Our facility is very clean and tastefully decorated, and located in a newly constructed building.

  • Our Guarantee

    We guarantee our dentistry. If there is a problem with dental work that we have done, our workmanship, or materials, we will replace it here at no charge. Our Dental Implants in Tijuana Mexico are guaranteed for life, our crowns are guaranteed for one year.

  • Our Location

    There are a lot of dental clinics in Tijuana, but often times they are in sub-standard facilities, located in the old down-town area. We are in the newest, and nicest part of the city, the Zona Rio. Our facility is across the street from the Plaza Rio Shopping Center, just a short distance from the border,




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Dental Tourism in Mexico will save you a lot of money

Tijuana Mexico has become one of the biggest “meccas” for dental tourism in the world. Because the prices for dentistry in the US are so exaggerated, thousands of dental patients in the US have turned to dental tourism as an alternative to receiving top quality dental care at an affordable price. Because Tijuana Mexico is so close to the major population centers of Southern California, it had become a very popular place for Mexico dentistry for Californians, for many years. There has been a long history of US dental patients going south of the border, thousands of them, for at least 25 years. This has allowed the dental services in Tijuana to greatly evolve, to be able to service the large volume of dental tourism patients. One of the top dental universities in the country, UABC, was established, and has produced thousands of great dentists to serve the US dental tourism patients. These dentists in Mexico, because of attending so many dental tourism patients, have not only obtained a high degree of preparation, and skill, but they also have learned achieved a high level of English proficiency. The whole city is geared up to take care of all the medical and dental tourism patients. The dental tourism industry in Tijuana Mexico is the major source of income for Tijuana, and so there are multiple quality hotels, great restaurants, and a high degree of security in the city, in order to take care of and protect the medical/dental tourism industry. In other words, if you are contemplating going to Mexico for dental tourism, you will certainly be well taken care of in Tijuana. EG Dental takes great pride in our service to dental tourism patients, and we promise to offer the best of care for you and your family. We have the best “dentistas en Tijuana”.

Dentistas en Tijuana que ofrecen los mejores implantes dentales precios en Mexico

Para los que hablan Español, por favor de hacer “click” al botón de arriba con la bandera de México. Así, podrá visitar nuestro sitio en Español para mostrarles los precios y detalles de nuestras dentistas en Tijuana. Nuestra clínica dental tiene unos de los mejores dentistas en Tijuana. Puedan leer de implantes dentales precios en Mexico, para saber el mejor lugar para recibir sus tratamientos dentales. Nuestra clínica dental no es uno de los chiquitas, menos equipadas clínicas, como algunas otras en Tijuana. Nuestros dentistas en Tijuana tiene equipo de primera calidad, y con muchas experiencia para ofrecer los mejor servicios. Ya sea que necesite coronas, placas, endodoncias, o implantes dentales, con nosotros va a tener muy buen precios, buen servicio, y una experiencia positiva. Déjenos servirles como sus dentistas en Tijuana.

  • Interested in Bariatric Surgery?

    We have partnered with Bariatric Surgery 4 Health to offer our patients weight loss surgery in Mexico. They feature one of the top gastric sleeve surgeons in Tijuana Mexico.