Hotel Recommended in Tijuana, Mexico

There are several conveniently located hotels recommended near EG Dental, and we’ve secured specially reduced rates for our dental patients. Your patient coordinator can handle the arrangements and reservations for you. The lists below are the hotels suitable for your dental tourism visit to our Tijuana clinic.

Five Best Hotel Recommended for You!


Hotel Hacienda del Rio

Just two blocks away, situated in the gastronomic zone with plenty of eateries nearby. Costs approximately $60 plus tax. A comfortable stay for your visit.

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Hotel Real del Rio

Hotel Real del Rio is a hotel located in Tijuana, Mexico. It is known for its central location in the city and its amenities. There is about 4 blocks away, with a rate of around $65 plus tax. Another pleasant option.

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Hotel Pueblo Amigo

Hotel Pueblo Amigo is a hotel located in Tijuana, Mexico. It is part of the Pueblo Amigo complex, which includes a shopping center and casino. The hotel is known for its convenient location near the United States-Mexico border, making it a popular choice for travelers. Close to the border, it offers a tranquil atmosphere and features a casino. Despite this, the environment remains peaceful. Expect to pay around $85 per night, taxes included.

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City Express Hotel and Suites

City Express Hotels is a chain of hotels primarily located in Mexico and other Latin American countries. These hotels cater to both business and leisure travelers, providing affordable and comfortable accommodations. The hotel chain offers modern amenities and services, including free Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, business centers, and fitness facilities. There’s around 8 blocks away, situated in the heart of the gastronomic zone. This modern hotel costs approximately $75 a night.


Holiday Inn

Roughly 8 blocks away, offering excellent amenities like a natural hot spring jacuzzi and a pool. While there are fewer restaurants in the immediate vicinity, the cost is around $75 plus tax.

All these hotels are solid options. While there are cheaper alternatives, they might not offer the same level of comfort. We highly recommend the listed options, as they provide great value. Comparable hotels in San Diego would cost twice as much, and options near the San Ysidro border are not as appealing.


Why would you recommend Hotel Hacienda del Rio in Zona Rio, Tijuana?

  • Hotel Hacienda del Rio offers a charming blend of Mexican hospitality, comfortable rooms, and it’s strategically located for both business and leisure travelers.

What sets Hotel Real del Rio apart as a recommended choice?

  • Hotel Real del Rio stands out for its contemporary design, attentive service, and its close proximity to Zona Rio’s vibrant dining and entertainment options.

Can you highlight the features that make Hotel Pueblo Amigo a good recommendation? 

  • Hotel Pueblo Amigo impresses with its modern facilities, on-site casino, and a lively atmosphere, making it a popular choice for those seeking entertainment within the hotel.

Why consider City Express Hotel and Suites in Zona Rio?

  • City Express Hotel and Suites is known for its efficiency, comfortable accommodations, and its convenient location, making it an ideal choice for business travelers.

What makes Holiday Inn a recommended hotel in Zona Rio, Tijuana?

  • Holiday Inn offers a reliable and comfortable stay, with a reputation for excellent service and amenities suitable for both business and leisure travelers.

Are these hotels close to popular attractions in Zona Rio?

  • Absolutely. All the recommended hotels are strategically located in Zona Rio, ensuring easy access to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

Can I expect a variety of dining options within or near these hotels?

  • Yes, each hotel is situated near a range of dining options, from local eateries to international cuisines, providing guests with diverse choices.

How about safety and security in the vicinity of these hotels?

  • Zona Rio is generally considered safe, and the recommended hotels prioritize guest safety with standard security measures in place.

Do these hotels offer convenient transportation options?

  • Yes, these hotels are well-connected for transportation, allowing guests to easily explore Tijuana and its surroundings.

How can I make reservations at Hotel Hacienda del Rio, Hotel Real del Rio, Hotel Pueblo Amigo, City Express Hotel and Suites, or Holiday Inn? 

  • Reservations can be made directly through the respective hotel’s website, by phone, or through popular online travel platforms.

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