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How Root Canal Treatment Can Put an End to Ongoing Toothache

More commonly known as Root canal, endodontic treatments are one of the most common dental procedures in Tijuana’s many dental surgeries.
Many of our patients suffer from toothache for a long time before seeking treatment, with often the cost in the U.S and Canada being the reason for many putting off the visit to the dentist, whereas simply making the time has been the stumbling block for others. Heading to Tijuana for a vacation is an excellent way to solve both problems.

Our treatments are a third of the cost of The United States and Canada, meaning patients save significant amounts of money on the treatment necessary to put an end to ongoing toothache.

Root canal aims to save the integrity of your tooth once the pulp is affected, helping to keep the tooth in place and avoid extraction. Although removal of a painful tooth is an almost instant solution to the problem, it can lead to problems down the line. Removing a tooth creates space, and teeth push against each other naturally to fill in the gaps. Over time, teeth pushing into an opening instead of against another tooth can lead to misalignment and cause problems and pain while eating.

Root canals are an essential dental procedure if patients are to enjoy life, but can be a costly treatment with U.S and Canadian dentists. Here at EG Dental, we have experienced Endodontics doctors to treat you during your vacation. Enjoy some downtime in the cultural Tijuana and getting a root canal for as little as USD 265.

EG Dental is one of the best equipped dental surgeries in Mexico. We are situated in a modern medical office building located near the other medical facilities in the main section of Zona Rio.

Our patient coordinator will arrange for you to be collected from the border or the airport and we are more than happy to assist you in making your hotel reservation.

We have a team of highly trained dentists and some of the most excellent facilities in Tijuana. If you opt for EG Dental, you will join thousands of our happy and satisfied patients.

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