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How to make brushing teeth fun for kids

Good dental health is as important in kids as it is on adults. However, teaching your child to brush their teeth the proper way can be a challenging endeavor. This is because some kids are stubborn and brushing their teeth is a totally new experience to them.

As an adult, you’re probably used to brushing your teeth regular and it come naturally. But for kids, teeth brushing may still feel strange and uncomfortable. For instance, you may explain to them the importance of brushing teeth, but unless you make the process fun, they just wont brush well. They may even give you a hard time convincing them to brush. Making teeth brushing fun for kids is crucial, so that they maintain a proper dental hygiene as they grow.

Strategies to make teeth brushing fun for kids

Want to make your kid enjoy teeth brushing in a fun way? Here are a few strategies to get you started:

  1. Reward them when they consistently brush their teeth. Teach your kid how to properly brush their teeth e.g. brushing twice everyday and flossing as instructed. If they do it well, reward them with a simple gift such as gold stars. If you do this, the kid will most likely be brushing their teeth properly so as to get rewards (who doesn’t like free stuff).
  2. Brushing together. Kids tend to imitate us. When they see you brushing regularly, they’ll also brush (especially if you brush together). If you don’t do it together, the kid will feel as if they are the only ones brushing, hence engage less in it.
  3. Surprise them with a new toothbrush. It may not seem like a big thing to do, but surprising your kid with a new toothbrush may encourage them to start brushing. There are lots of child-themed toothbrushes on the market. You may surprise them with a new brush, or you could simply go buy it together and let the kid select his favorite.
  4. Allow your kid to pick the toothpaste flavor they prefer. When shopping for toothpaste, allow your kid to pick their preferred toothpaste flavor. If they don’t like the flavor, look for a different one until you find the one they like. They are more likely to brush regularly if they find a toothpaste flavor they like.

If you follow the above strategies well, brushing will become an automatic habit for your kid and their oral health will greatly improve.


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