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How to “Win” at Dental Tourism

Much has been said about dental tourism. There are plenty of advocates and plenty of people who are against it, as well. Many consumers—especially those who are affected by the rising costs of dental care—are taking advantage of this new option laid out for them. The savings are significant—patients are saving thousands and thousands of dollars on dental treatments performed by highly qualified dentists and dental professionals in Mexico. However, dental professionals practicing in the United States are complaining about lost business.

Do not be clueless
While there are plenty of advantages involved in dental tourism, there are also problems as well. The first and probably most problematic issue in dental tourism is the dental office itself. Many patients drive to or fly in to Mexico without a single clue on how the whole thing works—mainly because they are attracted by the promise of astronomical savings. These clueless dental tourists become victims of unscrupulous people preying on the ignorant right at the border, leading them to dental clinics that offer mediocre services for higher fees.

If you do not keep your wits about you, then you might find yourself being duped into paying for extra treatment or procedures that you do not need, or might even endanger your dental health.

Give your new dentist a background dental history—especially the first time
It is best to explore dental tourism if you are in need of extensive dental work—the savings you will enjoy will definitely make up for the time and effort of visiting another country. However, it would be best to request a copy of your file from your local dentist to provide your dentist in Tijuana, Mexico enough background on your dental history. Doing so will allow the new dentist to be acquainted with your history as a patient, so he or she can provide you with better services.

This will be helpful if you wish to go to this Mexican dentist for future treatments.

Do your homework
Before going to Tijuana, Mexico for dental care, you should always do your research. Ask around from relatives, friends, or colleagues that have tried going to Mexico for dental work, or read articles online. These sources are easily accessible to everyone, and do not take much of your time.

Word of mouth is the best source of information—ask a trusted relative, friend, or colleague if he or she were satisfied with the services of a certain dental clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. Gather a couple of names from these people, and go online to check other people’s reviews (see if they are consistent with what you have heard). It is best if you can call up the dental clinic to ask about their services and rates.

Ask about the clinic’s guarantee
Remember that you are going to another country for dental work, and there might be some problems once you are back at home. Even if Tijuana, Mexico is quite close to the United States, you will still need to set aside some time to go back to your dentist.

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