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Implant Supported DenturesFor those who have had to live with dentures, a denture that is held in place by some implants, can make all the difference. With just 3 or 4 implants, you can have an upper denture that has no plastic covering your pallet, and which is held firmly in place. Likewise, with 3 or 4 implants, your lower plate will not flop around when you talk. This procedure has been a life changer for many people.

How it works:

The implants are placed in the jaw bone, and after 4 months, they are normally ready to activate. rather than an abutment being placed on the implant, a “locator” is put on top. The locator has a little knob, or nipple that fits into an “O” ring connector that is put inside the denture. The denture simply snaps into place on the locators.

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