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“All on 4” and “All on 6” 

The newest technology and best way to replace an entire arch of teeth is with a Fixed dental hybrid bridge, also known as an “all on 4”. Basically, the way it works is the implants are placed first, and then after they are healed and ready, the patient returns to have a fixed, permanent prosthetic device made that mounts onto the implants. With 4 implants, a bridge of only 10 teeth can be made. But with 6 implants, a bridge that will include the full 14 teeth can me mounted. This is not to be confused with a snap on denture, as it does not cover the edges of the gum, not the pallet, like a denture. What’s more this is a ridged structure. It is made to press directly to the gum ridge. Screws go through the bridge, (later filled in with resin), going into multi units that are screwed onto the implants. Once this is in place, it not only looks natural, but feels as close to real teeth as you can get. Unlike dentures You won’t have to remove your teeth and put them in a glass to soak at night. You’ll function normally. The dentist will explain how you keep them clean with a waterpik, and you will need to come into a dental clinic periodically for a professional cleaning.


Implant Supported Dentures

Many of our patients at EG dental have come to the dentist in Tijuana, because they have struggled with dentures. They are tired of loose fitting dentures, that need messy adhesives like polygrip or fixadent to hold them in place. If you have adequate bone, we can make a fixed denture that is held in place by dental implants. This is a method that is a little less expensive to have a denture to fit snuggly in place. It is called a “snap on” denture. A minimum of 2 or 3 implants is required to be surgically place in you mouth. After a healing time of 3 to 4 months, (during this time you will use a regular denture), you will return for us to make the snap on. Locator abutments are placed on the tops of the implants. Then, we will make a new denture that has connectors with rubber grommets, that will snap onto the locators. The denture will also be one that is more open over the pallet, as it is the implants that hold it in place, rather than suction. You will still have to remove it to clean under it, but it will hold firmly in place. 

If you still don’t like the idea of a denture, there is still the more expensive alternative of having an all on 6 fixed bridge that is permanently attached to the implants, and which will not come out, except by the dentist. It will need 6 implants and is made of solid zirconia. 

Our dentists in Tijuana can help you with either type of multiple implant solutions that you may choose.

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