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Jaw Bone Augmentation – What you should know

If the jawbone is insufficient to hold dental implants in place, then jaw bone augmentation by means of bone grafting becomes necessary. Nowadays this procedure is routine and we have several options to rebuild bones. In order for an implant to remain stable over the long term, a certain bone thickness is required on all sides around the implant. If the available material is insufficient, bone augmentation is necessary.

In this post, we explain everything you need to know about the structure of the jawbone and the different methods our dentists use to regenerate it.

Jaw bone augmentation methods

If small blocks of bone are used for this procedure, then these are attached with tiny titanium screws that are only a millimeter thick. The newly built bone is then carefully covered with thin, resorbable collagen membranes. The gums are then closed again with a self-dissolving suture. This protects the bone and has a minimal risk of rejection by your body.

When we need large amounts of bone, we like to use donor bones. This grows in as well and as quickly as your own bone. Since the donor bone is also available in large quantities, the entire jaw can also be built up with it – without us having to take material from the iliac crest.Within a few weeks, the donor bone is already built in and fully assimilated by the body.

There are also various artificial granulates made from cattle bones or corals. There are also completely safe and can be used to rebuild the jaw bone.

Another option is to use your own bone. The bone chips that arise when drilling for the implant can be used because they are often enough for a small abutment.With a special scraper, fine bone chips can also be obtained from other jaw regions, with which bone can be built up around an implant.

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