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Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Sleeve medical procedures: Weight loss is critically important, not only for its effects on the overall looks, but especially for your wellbeing. Your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico provides an effective method for losing weight, with a quite high rate of success. A lot of patients claim that it has become one of the easiest “diet” experiences they’ve ever had, since they can’t avoid losing weight. Your stomach size will be reduced, and so will be your cravings for eating. Of all available choices for bariatric surgeries, this is actually the best one. While using the lap-band (or gastric band), you would have a foreign object inside your abdomen, which will ultimately cause complications, eventually need to be removed, and is also something that requires frequent adjusting. While using the gastric bypass, which often disconnects the stomach as well as reconnects your small intestine to your esophagus, you will have to consume health supplements for the rest of your life. Opposite to that, with the gastric sleeve, you will have a fully operating abdomen, even though considerably reduced in its size. Your digestion will stay undamaged, food craving significantly reduced, and it will not require any adjusting. It is easiest to say that this procedure brings best results without causing any complications. Below you can see photos of several of our patients who have undergone the Gastric sleeve surgery, here in the Beauty Enhance Clinic in Tijuana.

Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Tijuana: Everybody wants to appear more beautiful. After fat reduction, sometimes patients will need to go back to remove the excessive skin, as well as to do a tummy tuck. Additionally, a lot of people might want to correct the nose, as well as to simply eliminate the wrinkles or bags under the eyes, as well as to boost the shape. Though cosmetic surgery isn’t necessary for overall wellbeing, it certainly helps to feel more confident with your appearance and can boost one’s self-confidence. With EG Medical Group, we’ve got the team of some of the best cosmetic or plastic surgeons in Tijuana. Take a look at some of our before and after images below, to see samples of the results our specialists accomplished with our patients.

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