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breastIn the modern world, esthetically shaped breasts are a statement of beauty. There are some women who are characteristically blessed with the chest that is bigger than average, and there are the women who need a little assistance. Throughout the years, breast augmentation using implants has become a well-known procedure. A large portion of the procedures are for cosmetic purposes, however, there are a few ladies who had undergone a mastectomy because of an illness or injury, that require the technique to regain their female shape.

What are breast implants?

Breast implants are devices that are surgically implanted underneath the skin and tissues of the breast to produce an increasement in size. Implants are performed using different materials, for example, saline and silicone. Saline implants have elastomer silicone shells loaded with a saline composition. Silicone implants use the same material for the shell, however, contain a thick silicone gel. Some of the implants contain different materials, for example, soy oil or polypropylene. On the other hand, polypropylene implants have eventually been banned in the US and Europe for health reasons.

How is breast augmentation performed?

breast-inspectionBefore the procedure, the specialist will adjust the type and size of implants to be used. The patient will first be given local or general anesthesia before the specialist performs any incisions.

There are a few types of incisions used as a part of breast implants. The most well-known are the periareolar entry point (close to the areola), inframammary cut (beneath the breasts), and trans-axillary cut (close to the armpits).

In case that it’s needed, the specialist may choose to use a tissue expander, which is a temporary prosthesis that helps make a pocket for the lasting implants. When the breasts are completely arranged, the specialist will insert the implants, manage them as required, and close the incision after that.

At times, the patient is allowed to return home after spending a couple of hours recovering at the center. After around six weeks, scars can develop, however, they will fade after a couple of months. In case that the implants are placed underneath the midsection muscles, the recovery period will be longer.

Benefits of breast implants

breast-implantsWomen who choose to undergo breast augmentation with implants get advantage from the procedure in a few ways. The important advantage is esthetic reasons, yet the implants can also give a woman a more proportionate appearance. For example, small breasts make the lips appear to be larger, however with implants, the breasts get to be coordinated with the span of the hips.

A women, additionally, benefits psychologically, particularly if she works in the environment that values the appearance of a women’s figure. Her self-esteem will increase because she will be able to fit in a lot easier.

Cost of Breast Augmentation

The expenses of this sort of procedure will, for the most part, be determined by the opinions of the specialist, the kind of implants used, and the reputation of the facility. The usual expenses in the United States will be around $12,000.

If you are not comfortable with paying this sum, your best choice would be to go to Tijuana, Mexico where we at MEDAC Medical Clinic can perform the procedure at a small portion of the expense. On top of that, you can be guaranteed that you will be under the care of exceptionally experienced surgeons and personnel with access to best equipment and facilities.

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