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We would advise that in case you are traveling from outside of the state, take the flight straight into San Diego international airport. We can organize a free transportation from there, as well transportation directly into Tijuana. It actually is only a 30-minute drive. The price of airfare straight to Tijuana will be higher priced because it will be subject to international fees on the flight. If you’re coming to Tijuana to get a major medical procedure from San Diego or Chicago, you could drive across the border, or we could organize to pick you up from the parking lot on the United States side of the border. After we speak to you on the phone, establishing your medical procedures schedule, we could arrange the details together with you.

Whenever you choose to come to medical procedures, the cost of hospital accommodation is included in the price. Even so, you will definitely need to spend a couple of nights in a hotel to recuperate before you go back to the USA. Additionally, quite a few patients bring partners that will have to sleep in a hotel room, as the patients continue to recover in our medical center facility. The length of your stay choose will depend on how long you intend to relax, as well as which sort of surgery you have done. We’ve arranged special rates for our patients with local hotels, which makes it available for us to offer two options for your hotel accommodation. These are nice hotels and are also found in nice areas of the city.

Hotel Pueblo Amigo

Hotel Pueblo Amigo is a very nice, tranquil, as well as comfortable hotel. It has a small gaming area included inside of the hotel itself, and also a casino nearby, yet it’s not at all a loud place and has a very pleasing atmosphere. You can take a look at the images below. The cost to get a standard room will be $81 each per night, and also a Jr. suite is around $10 more.

Hotel Real Del Río

The Real Del Rio Hotel is an incredibly pleasant place to stay in. It may not be as stylish as the Pueblo Amigo, it really is rather comfortable. It is situated in the Zona Rio of Tijuana, in which there are many places your companions may want to go to, in case they wish to do other activities than being in their hotel room. There is also a nearby mall, and a cinema which plays movies in English, as well as a local, martial arts center. The cost of a regular room for our patients will be $65 per night. You may look at the images below.

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