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face-lift1The aging process can have a different impact on different people. Some people notice wrinkles on their brows, others notice them on their cheeks or necks. If you have been living a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating healthy food, it is most likely you will experience aging effects on isolated areas of your face. Even though there are people who observe brow wrinkles with respect, other people may feel the pressure look younger than their natural age.

You may have tried different treatments to slow down the aging process on your skin, but nothing seems to work, a good solution for you might be to undergo the partial face lift procedure. This procedure, also called a scaled down cosmetic procedure, treats isolated areas of the face instead of an entire face. For example, if you have few annoying wrinkles in your brow area, and you are satisfied with the state of the rest of your face, then a great solution for you would be to undergo a procedure on an isolated tissue area of your face.

How a partial cosmetic procedure works

face-lift2The exact procedure performed on partial face lifts will depend on the needs of facial regions that need the treatment. A partial facelift can be divided into two classes: surgical and non-surgical procedure.
Surgical procedures will regularly demand that the patient be put under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon will then make one or more incisions at the area that is being treated. To remove the wrinkles, the surgeon will need to remove excessive skin, muscles and tissue. In case that there is excessive fat, the surgeon might choose to perform a liposuction surgery. Once satisfied by the results, the incisions will be sutured and you’ll have to put some effort into recuperating. An exceptionally talented surgeon will make sure that the scars are not really noticeable, so it won’t be obvious that you have undergone this procedure.
Non-surgical surgery will include fillers, as Botox, that is infused into the skin to reduce or remove the wrinkles. In spite of the fact that this is a relatively simple procedure, the results are not permanent. You will need to visit your surgeon regularly to perform the same treatment or to have it touched up a bit.

Massages and facial treatments might also help revive and heal your skin, and this could be a nice alternative particularly in case that you don’t have a lot of problematic areas. Of course, you will need to make sure that you visit a trusted facial expert for this type of procedures. The chemicals used as a part of facial treatment can have unpleasant effects, depending on your skin type, so the surgeon must choose the most appropriate ones to use on your face.


Partial face lifts, whether surgical or non-surgical, are a great way to increase self-confidence. Not only, that will this kind of procedure might help you look more youthful, it can also make you feel more confident about yourself.


Any kind of restorative surgical procedure can be expensive, particularly refined procedures like a partial face lift. Most medical centers in the US charge an amount of 6-7 thousand dollars or significantly more, depending on the area of the face. On the off chance that you need to undergo this procedure, yet you are worried about paying that amount of cash, the best option is to go to Tijuana, Mexico. Here at EG Medical, we offer partial face lifts at significantly lower costs. Best of all, you’ll be getting treatment from very qualified and experienced surgeons, who will be using cutting modern equipment and offices.

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