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tummy-tuck1Unless you’re an athletic person, a body- builder, or somebody who prefers working out regularly, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually experience having excessive fat and/or drooping skin at the stomach region. It’s also probable that you’ll experience this problem after a pregnancy or a sudden weight loss.

A common solution would be to spend hours working out. Sadly, doing that still won’t ensure noticeable results. Indeed, even bodybuilders can experience issues with fat that just won’t vanish through proper diet and activities.

A more practical solution might be to undergo a tummy tuck surgical procedure. This procedure, also going by the name abdominoplasty, includes removing excessive fat from the stomach territory, tightening the underlying muscles, and tightening any hanging skin to enhance the general appearance of the belly.

How a tummy tuck works

tummy-tuck2Your surgeon will first talk about the procedure with you to understand your expectations. Once you’ve been completely informed and you consent to what’s going to happen, you can expect the following:

• You will first be put under general anesthesia
• The surgeon will make an incision close to the pubic area from one side of the hip to the other
• The skin will then have to be separated to uncover the stomach divider, uncovering the fascia and muscles
• The muscles will then be fixed using sutures
• Excess fat will also be removed using liposuction
• The surgeon will then remove excessive skin
• Once the surgeon is happy with the outcome, the cut will be sown
• Dressing will be connected and you will need to wear a compression garment for a while

The entire procedure can take up to 5 hours and you will need to spend a couple of days recuperating at the healing center.

There are a few different abdominoplasty surgeries:

• Partial abdominoplasty – requires smaller incisions and the zone included is not as far reaching
• Extended abdominoplasty – a tummy tuck that incorporates a sidelong thigh lift
• High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty – like a customary tummy tuck, however, the muscles are fixed evenly and vertically

Advantages of a tummy tuck

Patients will typically have different goals when undergoing a tummy tuck. The surgeon can adjust the procedure as per the needs of every patient. A tummy tuck is a quicker approach to accomplish tight stomach muscles, generally for esthetic purposes, however, there are medical benefits also.

Expense of Tummy Tuck

Expenses will vary as per the type of procedure. A developed tummy tuck will typically cost more than a halfway surgery. In any case, most surgeries in the United States normal around $10,000, excluding the expenses you might have to handle during recovery.

In case you’re considering having the procedure yet are concerned of the expenses then a good solution would be to see us here at Tijuana, Mexico, where we can perform a tummy tuck at a significantly lower expense. Here at EG Medical, we have profoundly qualified surgeons working for us. They will perform the procedure using up-to-date equipment and offices. Since Tijuana is close to the US-Mexico border, you can select to return home after the procedure is done.

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