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Información de Contacto

Teléfono: 619-373-8375

Email: [email protected]

9506 German Geovius, Suite 305,

Zona Río, Tijuana, BC, Mexico 22010

Domicilio en USA:

Tijuana Dental Marketing

641 E. San Ysidro Blvd., B3-527

San Ysidro, CA 92173


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe in Tijuana?

YES. Believe it or not, but the violent crime rate in Los Angeles, CA is three times higher than Tijuana, and in New Orleans, LA, it is five times higher. Yes there were some problems in Tijuana over five years ago, but things have been back to normal for several years. Currently, there are over 30,000 US citizens living between Tijuana and Ensenada. The high number of American residents is indicative of how safe they feel living here. Unfortunately, US media likes to paint the whole country with the same brush, and hype things out of proportion. The reality is, Tijuana is safer than most major US cities, and the Mexican government has gone the extra mile to insure that tourists to Tijuana are safe and protected. Tijuana is not Juarez!

Do I need a US Passport?

It is best to have a US passport before you come. Better yet, is to get a passport card, which has a RFID chip, and which allows you to use the fast access Ready Lane to return to the US. Nevertheless, if you have a dental emergency, and can’t wait for a passport to arrive in the mail, don’t hesitate to come on down to Tijuana. There are patients every week who cross into Tijuana with just a US drivers license. Mexico will not ask you for an I.D. when you enter, and US Customs cannot refuse entry back into the US for someone claiming to be a citizen. However, to avoid any hassle, at least have your US drivers license, as well as a secondary I.D. like a birth certificate. An expired passport is still a valid I.D. with US Customs.

Can I get picked up in the US?

Yes. We can always arrange a pick up for a patient at the San Diego airport for patients that are flying in. For local patients, we will meet you at the border and pick you up, at no charge, on the Mexico side. Please read the Border Shuttle page for more information.

How does the quality of the work compare to the USA?

The skill level of our dentists is at least as good as any US dentist, and better than many of them. They have a very good education, and here in Tijuana, where there are thousands of US citizens crossing the border every day for dental care, our dentists have a lot of experience. As far as materials, we are using the same materials, purchased in the US. We can say that undoubtedly, you are going to receive a very satisfactory dental experience at our clinic.

Is the clinic clean and sterile?

Yes, and you will be surprised have nice it looks inside. As for sterilization, our staff follows the same protocols as a US clinic. All instruments are cleaned, sanitized, and placed in an autoclave to sterilize them in a sealed bag. In Mexico, we also have a Health Department, who can come by at any time for an unannounced inspection, and so in order to keep the clinic open, we must comply to the rules at all times.