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Saving on Dental Care

Without Compromising on Quality

Dental care is fast becoming one of the most expensive aspects of life in the United States. Sadly, the state of your dental health is not something that you should overlook, even during times of penny pinching. One of the main reasons why dental care is expensive in the United States is the huge overhead that local dentists have to deal with—which includes rent for the clinic or office space, the wages of their staff, and malpractice insurance, among others. The coverage of medical insurance is also becoming smaller and smaller, forcing people—even those with insurance policies or coverage provided by their employers—to pay out of their own pockets for various dental procedures that they need.

There is no need to live with the pains of poor dental health—even if you cannot afford the expensive dental procedures and treatments in the United States. You can always go to Mexico and improve your dental health without breaking the bank. Mexico is one of the rising names in the field of medical tourism; or more specifically, the field of dental tourism. This country is very close to the United States—around ten to twenty minutes’ drive from some parts of California—and offers high quality dental care at a much lower cost.

How much savings are we talking about here?
Dental care in the United States is very expensive, because of various reasons, including the one cited above, and can easily set you back for thousands and thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity of the procedure. Let us say that you require extensive dental work—as a result of a complication on a condition or poor choices regarding your dental health—and want to visit a dentist in the United States for your troubles, then you should prepare around $15,000 to $20,000 for the entire course of treatment and procedures.

In Mexico, however, with the same laundry list of treatment and procedures and the same quality of care, you should prepare around $3,000 to $4,500. These amounts equal to huge savings, which could mean a whole lot in these days when the economy is not doing very well.

Why is dental care in Mexico so cheap? Is it because the dentists are dodgy?
While the low cost of dental care in Mexico might be unbelievable for some (verging on the “too good to be true” territory”), there is no sinister reason for the savings you will enjoy. Dentists who have started their practice in Mexico do not have to spend so much for their overhead, unlike in the United States, and thus can offer significantly lower rates to their patients.

Mexican dentists are as qualified and experienced as their American counterparts, which means that they are as qualified to perform various dental procedures and to treat their patients. It is just that they can offer their services for much less because their clinics do not have the same astronomical overhead costs as American clinics do.

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