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The best dentist in Tijuana, Mexico, for dental tourism in Mexico

When one goes online to research dentists in Tijuana Mexico, he will find a lot of dental clinics in Tijuana. The question then becomes, which dentist in Mexico is the best choice? There are several things to consider, and after weighing everything, we feel that you will decide the EG Dental clinic in Tijuana is the best place to go for a great dentist in Mexico, and to enjoy the benefits of dental tourism in Mexico. Things to consider when choosing a dentist in Mexico are the location, the prices, the skill level, and the customer service. At EG Dental in Tijuana, we have all four of those points well covered.

1. The best location for dental tourism in the world is no doubt, Tijuana Mexico. The reason for this is because of the proximity of Tijuana to San Diego, California. Other locations for dental tourism in Mexico, or other parts of the world, involve a lot of international travel. By choosing a dentist in Tijuana Mexico, one just needs to get to San Diego, for easy access to the Tijuana border. At EG Dental in Tijuana, we are just a few minutes from the border. We also supply shuttle service from the border to our clinic. Our Mexico dental clinic is also located in the nicest part of Tijuana, the Zona Rio, where our patients can enjoy a comfortable stay in a very secure area.

2. The prices for Mexico dentistry are very affordable. You will find that what our Mexico dentist clinic charges runs about a third of what US dentists charge. When you have major dental work that needs to be done, the savings will add up in a hurry. In the US, the prices for dentistry are very high. Dental insurance only covers a fraction of the costs, and most people don’t have any insurance. When you annual maximum benefit is only $1500 a year, that won’t even cover the cost of doing a root canal and crown on one tooth in the US. But at out Tijuana dentist office, you can cover that tooth, plus two more, within your insurance. And yes, we can accept most US insurance policies, as long as they are a PPO.

3. The skill level of our dentists in Mexico is very high. First of all, they are actually better trained than most US dentists, because they have an extra year of University training, plus a mandatory two year internship. Because of the high volume of American patients that come to Tijuana for dentistry, our Mexico dentists also have a lot of experience. At EG Dental, we also limit the treatments done by our general dentists, and use only board certified specialists for complex treatments. Many Tijuana dentists, who are only general practitioners, will do root canals, or dental implants. At EG Dental in Tijuana, we use the best dentists in Mexico, in order to insure successful dental treatments.

4. When you are coming to dentist in Mexico for dental tourism, great customer service is essential. One of the owners of our clinic is an American, who fully understands the special needs and concerns of US patients. He makes sure that our patients are well taken care of, and that we have great personnel in place to meet the patient’s needs. Our patient coordinator has lived in the US and is fully bilingual. He has been working for many years with US dental patients in Tijuana, and knows how to take care of you. We know that a good experience by our patients, equates to them referring their friends, and so we want to take very good care of our dental tourism patients.

We invite you to consider EG Dental as your dentist in Tijuana Mexico. We would welcome your questions and comments concerning dental tourism with our dentists in Tijuana Mexico.

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