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Tijuana dentist review – John C went to EG Dental, and was very satisfied

It is my pleasure to send in this review of my experience at EG Dental in Tijuana, Mexico. First, I am very happy with the results of my dental treatments. I needed 3 root canals, with posts and crowns. In the US, my dentist had done an evaluation, and after he told me what it would cost, I was shocked, and so I had decided to look on the internet, and that is how I came across EG Dental. At EG dental, my dentist was Eva Guerrero. She did the most pain free root canals that I have ever experienced. The clinic was absolutely immaculate, and the equipment was as modern as any dentist in the US where I have been. The work turned out great, and best of all, the price for going to my new dentist in Mexico, is that I saved over $4000.

One concern many of my friends had was the issue of Safety. Everyone said I was crazy to go to a dentist in Mexico, and that something bad was sure to happen to me. I want to emphasize that nothing was further from the truth. I live in East L.A., and the truth is, the crime rate there is terrible. I never even saw anything in the part of Tijuana where I was, that made me feel even slightly fearful. EG Dental is located in a very nice part of Tijuana. Everything there looks very well kept up, modern, and has an excellent feel to it. Since I had to stay for a couple of days, while my dental work was being finished, the clinic set me up in a very nice hotel nearby. I went out to eat in some extremely good restaurants, and enjoyed a very family friendly atmosphere. I honestly don’t understand the trepidation of people about going to a dentist in Tijuana. It was a piece of cake. I have decided that the only place I will every go for dentistry is in Mexico from now on. I have decided that ED Dental is now my dentist in Mexico forever. Thanks to the great staff at my new Tijuana dentist clinic!

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