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The Tijuana dentists of EG Dental are very competent professionals. They take a lot of pride in doing great work, and making the patients happy with the dental treatments received. Below you can read come of the Tijuana dentist reviews of our staff, as well listen to video clips of our satisfied patients. You will be happy to know that the dentists in Mexico are some of the best in the world, being very highly trained, and with a superior amount of skill and experience.

A couple of months back, I have lost one of my front teeth because of an unfortunate accident (which mainly involves my face and a concrete floor). At 32 years old, it is simply not cute to walk around with a front tooth missing, because I am not eight years old and I cannot expect the tooth to grow back. Plus, my job as a marketing consultant involves a lot of talking to people, especially clients who I really need to impress. My missing front tooth did not only take much away from my smile, but I also found that my speech has suffered because of the air passing through the gap. So yes, I really needed to do something about this missing tooth. I went to a dentist in my San Diego neighborhood and found that I have to get a dental implant, since a veneer would not really cover the damage. I did not want to get dentures too, since I have always associated that with an elderly person. Who knew that dental implants could be so expensive! Since I work freelance, I do not really have a good healthcare plan that will cover the costs of dental implants. One of my college friends told me to go to Tijuana, Mexico to get cheaper rates on dental implants. I have been to Tijuana before, but on spring break and I just went to the beach. I did not think that I would, one day, go there for dental treatments. Of course I was skeptical at first—I mean, Mexico is not really the first thing you think of when it comes to dental care. I asked my college friend if she really meant Tijuana city in Mexico and not some exotically named local clinic. Yes, she said. I went online and found out that dental tourism is a thing. Sure, in my job I heard about people who went to Thailand or some Caribbean island for cheaper cosmetic surgery, but I did not really know there is such a thing as dental tourism. Turns out that dental care in Tijuana is really inexpensive, since the operating costs are lower and there is no need for the dentists to have malpractice insurance. Still, I doubted this as Mexico is not really a country known for safety. I checked out several clinics in Tijuana near the Mexican border. One article I read said that these clinics are safe, and very cheap. So I looked for such clinics, checked out the credentials of their dentists and staff. I found EG Dental Clinic one afternoon, and I was so surprised that everything seems great and credible. I checked in the website (under the “Treatments” section) if they offer dental implants, and they do. One of the best things about EG Dental Clinic is that they have an online platform to book appointments. I can easily set an appointment at the comfort of my living room (and without going through the agony of calling, since at this point in time my speech is still unsatisfactory). The customer service representatives got back to me quickly, and an appointment was set. I was extremely pleased with the procedure. Now I have a full set of teeth again—which are visibly whiter than before, thanks to the laser whitening procedure. I will definitely go back to EG Dental Clinic, and I am taking my boyfriend with me!

— Cindy, April 2014

There were plenty of times when I wished my teeth were perfect. They weren’t really bad—a couple of crooked ones that are deep in my mouth, some yellowed ones because I’ve smoked for a couple of years while working a very stressful job. I guess I could’ve lived with my imperfect teeth, but sometimes scraps of food would get stuck in the crooked ones (you know, the big ones that seem like they were piled on top of each other), and no amount of brushing or flossing can get them out. I have dental and health insurance, but I was told that the dental procedures I wanted to have done are of a cosmetic nature and thus not covered by the insurance policy. This didn’t really sit well with me, and after a couple of inquiries with my insurance company I’ve decided to pay for teeth straightening and whitening out of my own pockets. Maybe my decision was brought on by irritation with the insurance company, because as soon as I found out how much I’m supposed to pay, I told myself I can live with crooked and yellowed teeth. There was this time when my sister Roxanne went to Tijuana for a couple of days. She’s a total beach bum, so I assumed that she just went there for a beach holiday. When she got back, she asked me if there was anything different about her. When she smiled, I immediately saw that her teeth are a lot whiter than my own, and this is a woman who puffs through a pack of cigarettes in one sitting. I asked her where she had teeth whitening done and she said Tijuana. My sister said that she went to EG Dental Clinic in Tijuana, and I immediately asked her to write down the address so I can check it out on a weekend or something. She told me that EG Dental Clinic has a website, and I immediately logged onto that site on my iPhone. Everything seems legit, and they have a page where I can easily book a dental appointment online. I took a bit of time off from work (I needed a holiday, anyway), and flew to San Diego to catch the Border Shuttle to the clinic. When I got to EG Dental Clinic, I was very pleased to find out that they have Zoom II laser whitening. This treatment is something that has popped up during my research on teeth whitening. The clinic is very clean and professional looking, and the dentist who performed the Zoom II procedure on me was very nice. I just wanted to try the laser whitening system in EG Dental Clinic, but after a brief consultation, I found out that they can also do something about my crooked teeth—and that’s something that will get me to come back to Tijuana. Thanks a lot EG Dental Clinic! I’m looking forward to a long dental partnership with you and your amazing staff!

— Alexa, May 2014


For the past couple of weeks, I have experienced extreme pain in the left side of my mouth. I ignored it for a day or two, but when the pain got really unbearable I went to a local dentist for a check-up. Turned out that one of the molars in the left side of my mouth was starting to rot. When the dentist told me I needed a root canal I said okay, but when he gave me the cost estimate, I figured I could not afford it. I don’t have insurance! So when I left the clinic I just asked for a prescription for painkillers. I found out about EG Dental Clinic from a friend who went to Tijuana to get dental implants. He said the prices were really cheap. I was apprehensive about going to Mexico for dental treatment, since we don’t really get a lot of positive news there. I was worried about the crime rate, and he told me that it’s actually much safer in Tijuana than American cities like New Orleans or even Los Angeles. I Googled EG Dental Clinic and found that they have an online appointment thing that would allow me to book an appointment right at my desk. I drove to Tijuana and easily found EG Dental through a map that they have provided in their website. I really wasn’t expecting much, since the rates are cheap and it’s Mexico after all. But I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the clinic is actually a nice place, and the staff speaks great English. Turns out that EG Dental has plenty of American patients (and satisfied ones at that!) that go all the way to Tijuana for excellent dental care at affordable prices. I got my root canal that day, and I’m planning to get more treatments (such as the laser whitening procedure) in the future. Thank you, EG Dental! It was such a pleasant experience that I’m not hesitating to recommend you to my family and friends!

— Tom, January 2014


I have been wearing dentures for the past decade, since I lost a couple of teeth (mostly because I wasn’t really big on dental care in the past) in the lower part of my mouth. At first, the dentures solved my problems. But over time, I noticed that the dentures were starting to get uncomfortable and even though they were adjusted every month or so, they don’t really fit well. I went online and found out that the jaw bone starts to recede after a couple of years when you lost a couple of teeth in there. My wife recommended that I get dental implants, and after asking around for prices, it was just too expensive in the United States. I read an article online that it’s much cheaper to get dental work done in Mexico, and after a couple of hours of searching for the best clinics, I found EG Dental. They offer implants at a fraction of the cost in the United States. So I immediately booked an appointment. I flew to San Diego and was picked up by the clinic’s shuttle service. After the procedure, I was brought back to the airport. How convenient is that! Thanks EG Dental!

— Mike, June 2014

The first time I read about dental implants I thought they were really great. Then I found out how much they would cost me (I am missing a molar and a canine tooth), and I thought they were the worst things. Whatever happened to cheap dentures! Anyway, I wanted to go for the cheaper dentures (which my insurance would cover) but the benefits of dental implants were really calling to me. So I tried looking for a way to get cheaper dental implants. There was a dental clinic near my office (not going to mention its name anymore) that offers dirt-cheap prices, but when I asked around, a lot of their patients were not satisfied with their service. So when I found EG Dental (a bit out of the way, though, since it’s in Mexico), I had similar apprehensions. I was so glad to be proven wrong! I found a colleague who went to EG Dental for some teeth whitening, and she said the services were up to par with American dental clinics, but the prices are very affordable. I went and had such a great experience in the clinic. Thanks so much, EG Dental!

— Cathy, May 2014


I was always scared of dentists, even when I was a little boy. I never wanted to go to a dentist because I’m scared of the pain. When I grew up, I realized that there was more to fear about (local) dentists: THE PRICES! Everything is terribly expensive, and for a self-employed guy like me, insurance is definitely out of the question. So when I needed to have root canals done, I was doubly scared of my local dentist. My parents have recently gone to Mexico on a holiday, and found this great dental clinic near the border. That’s you, EG Dental Clinic! They told me that the dentists are not only highly qualified, but also very nice and with extremely nice hands. I decided to get over my fear of dentists to restore good dental health, so I went to Tijuana to have the root canals done. This procedure would have bankrupted me back in the US, but EG Dental wasn’t only cheap. The dentists are indeed nice and their skills are impressive. I had a great experience, and as I was leaving the clinic, I wondered what made me so scared of dentists in the past. Count me as a lifetime customer of EG Dental. Thanks, guys!

— Craig, May 2014


Dear EG Dental Clinic and the wonderful staff, I’d like to thank you for the great experience that I had with you guys. I never expected to meet such wonderful professionals in Mexico, who have helped me get my smile back again. Everything is great, from the shuttle pick-up at the airport (and back) to the way you made me comfortable in your clinic. I also did not expect to get such a great and professionally done laser whitening treatment for the prices I have paid. Be assured that I will come back in the future and bring all my business to you, as well as my family’s! Thank you so much!

— Albert, April 2014


First, I would like to commend the EG Dental staff for the wonderful experience I had in their clinic. I was really scared to go to a Mexican dental clinic at first, what with all the unpleasant news that reach our side of the border, but after some of my friends from work recommended EG Dental, I tried it for a routine cleaning. I was so pleased with my experience that I came back for teeth whitening. Now I think I’m going to go to EG Dental for future dental appointments. The prices are great, and even if you don’t drive to Tijuana, they can always pick you at the airport and bring you back when you need to leave. Kudos to the EG Dental team, and I look forward to more visits in the future!

— Martha, March 2014


If there’s anything in this world that I truly dislike, dentists would be the answer. And second on that list is not getting the best value for my money. I had a bad experience with a tooth extraction in the past—the dentist wasn’t really careful with how he pulled out my tooth and he charged exorbitant prices too. So when I needed a root canal I was trying to brace myself for another unpleasant experience. I searched online for cheaper dental procedures without going to a fly-by-night clinic. I found out that Tijuana’s dental clinics are extremely popular, even with American patients who are willing to cross the border for the high quality and affordable services. Combing the net for more information, I stumbled into the EG Dental site. They offer online booking for appointments, which was extremely easy. I drove all the way to Tijuana, and I can say that my time and effort are not wasted! The prices are really great, the clinic is clean and looks very professional, and the service I got from the friendly staff is amazing. The root canal was nearly painless! I would definitely recommend EG Dental to my family and friends.

— Dora, May 2014


I’ve always wanted a better smile. Meaning whiter and straighter teeth. I’m not one of those people with perfect teeth, a fact that can’t be changed no matter how many home kits I’ve tried. But cosmetic dental work is not really something that my insurance would cover, so for a couple of years I was really a sucker for home kits and other DIY remedies I find in infomercials or ads. I realized that I’m spending a lot of money on these home kits, and I should get professional teeth whitening if I really want results. Again, cosmetic work is not covered by my insurance, so I tried looking for cheaper alternatives. I found EG Dental online, and it was basically a short drive from my place to Tijuana. So I went there after reading several positive reviews. I was so pleased with the results. These days, I can’t smiling. Not only because I have whiter teeth, but also because I haven’t paid an arm and a leg for the procedure. EG Dental really has given me something to smile about!

— Patricia, June 2014


I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who loves going to the dentist, but I can personally say that now I love my dental appointments thanks to EG Dental Clinic. There’s just so much to love about it. Tijuana is really lovely, and I can squeeze in a bit of sight-seeing after my dental appointments at EG Dental Clinic. The prices are very affordable, especially if you compare them to the prices we get here in the US. Plus, the staff is really friendly and the clinic is clean and sterile. I have recommended EG Dental Clinic to all my friends and family, especially those who hated going to the dental clinic before. I love EG Dental Clinic!

— Debbie, March 2014


At first I thought that going all the way to Tijuana for a dental appointment is crazy. Isn’t that city around a thousand miles away? Alas, my ignorance in geography led me to not discover EG Dental Clinic much earlier. When I think of all the money I would have saved in dental procedures, I could only wish that I found out about “dental tourism” earlier. EG Dental Clinic is not only near the United States. The prices are really great and the staff is all sorts of wonderful. Thanks EG Dental, and see you in a couple of days for another appointment!

— Dave, June 2014


I was looking into having crowns on my teeth, and I asked for a price estimate from a dental clinic near my place. They said that the reason for their extremely steep prices is that the crowns they are using on their patients are made of zirconium. I think they mistook zirconium for diamonds, because their prices are crazy (and way out of my range). I Googled zirconium crowns, and true enough, the prices are crazy expensive in the US. But then I found out that dental work is much cheaper in Mexico. After some research, I decided that EG Dental is my best bet. I booked an appointment online and a flight to San Diego. EG Dental was gracious enough to pick me up at the airport and bring me back when I had to return home. Very convenient, and you don’t really feel that you went to another country for dental work. Thank you so much EG Dental and I look forward to more visits in the very near future!

— Monica, February 2014


My wife has been telling me about dental services in Tijuana and how cheap they are. She also told me that one of her friends has recommended EG Dental Clinic, which, according to that friend, “is the best in Tijuana.” I’m not really into superlatives like that, so when my wife went (and took me with her) I still wasn’t sold to the idea. My wife wanted to get veneers to cover cracks in her teeth, and according to her research, it was much cheaper to get them in EG Dental. I didn’t want to believe her until I saw the receipt myself. We’re going back next month for dental implants for me (a long-time dentures user), and I hope to have the same great experience my wife had.

— Ronald, February 2014


For years, I have always smiled with my mouth closed. Not because I didn’t want to smile bright and wide, but because I have been always conscious of the way my teeth looked. They weren’t white enough and some of them looked crooked or just plain wrong. One extreme thought I had was to move to a country where a lot of people have bad teeth, since Los Angeles seems to be a place where all people had Hollywood perfect smiles. And moving to another country just might be cheaper compared to the price of all the dental work I needed to make my smile perfect. Then I found out about dental tourism. It seemed to be a great idea, since the prices are cheap, and Mexico is just so close by. I heard that I can save up to 70 percent on the cost of dental work. In the US, I just might need to win the lottery or be in very deep debt before I could afford all the dental work I need. Thanks to EG Dental Clinic in Tijuana, I found that I could afford to smile better. The prices are really great. But it’s not just the affordable prices that made EG Dental Clinic appeal a lot to me. I was once told that you get what you pay for, but EG Dental Clinic proved me wrong. People can get excellent dental care without going bankrupt for the payments. And the service is really wonderful. The dentists and staff are very very friendly. I love EG Dental Clinic. I will be taking my little girl there next week for a dental appointment. She’s very scared of dentists, but I’m sure EG Dental Clinic will help her conquer her fear.

— Louise, February 2014


I love EG Dental! The people there are so friendly and the clinic is so nice looking. I didn’t really expect much when I went there. I was really in it because of the low prices they mentioned in the website. The website is nice and all, but the website can’t really tell you how nice it is to have dental services done in EG Dental Clinic. The prices are also very affordable. There’s nothing more I can ask for, really. I found my dental clinic for life!

— Veronica, February 2014


I don’t believe that I should scrimp on things that really matter, like dental care. But the prices here in the US are really steep. When you need dental work, you need to prepare for the amount that you will have to shell out. I once complained to a local dentist on their average prices, and he said that if I want cheap I should go to China or Mexico. It was not a nice comment, but I decided to check Mexico out since that’s near. That elitist dentist really doesn't know what he’s talking about. Yes, the prices are cheap in Mexico, but the dental care is high quality. When I did my research, I found EG Dental Clinic. The prices are low, the services are great, and the dentists are highly qualified. Will definitely bring all my business there instead of my former dentist.

— Harry, March 2014


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