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Traveling to Tijuana, Part 2

Mexico and Dental Tourism

Now that you have decided to go to Tijuana, Mexico for dental tourism, then you might want to explore and see the sights. Located in the Baja California Peninsula, Tijuana is one of the most important industrial, cultural, and financial capitals of Mexico. This city is one of the largest cities in the continent, and is home to one of the busiest border zones in the country. An approximately 50 million people cross the border between Tijuana and San Diego, with a significant part of that number going on to the other side because of the excellent and low cost dental care. Tijuana, however, has been a famous tourist destination since the late 1800’s.

As mentioned in the first part of this post, you do not really need to take a lot of time off from your job to have dental work done in Mexico, but if you have decided to stay for a few days in the “Gateway to Mexico,” then here are the things that you can enjoy in Tijuana.

Tijuana, being one of the major cosmopolitan hubs in Mexico, is a great place for those who treat shopping as a fitness activity. There are a good number of shopping malls in Tijuana, including the Plaza Mundo Divertido, the Plaza Carrousel, the Centro Comercial Playas and Plaza Coronado, the Plaza Rio, the Plaza Monarca, and the Galerias Hipodromo. If you want more variety in your shopping choices, then Plaza Rio, on the Paseo de los Heroes, is your best bet. Tijuana is a duty-free zone, which means that you can enjoy lower prices on products from different parts of the globe while shopping in this city.

Entertainment, arts, and culture
There are plenty of things to see and experience in Tijuana. Once you are done with shopping, there are a wide variety of entertainment options that you can enjoy. The show-stopping architectural masterpiece of the Tijuana Cultural Center, designed by the renowned architects Manuel Rosen Morrison and Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, is one of the important cultural landmarks of the city. The Tijuana Cultural Center, also known as the CECUT, offers a diverse range of activities for vsitors, including film-viewings and museum exhibitions.

If you are into music, then you will find a treasure trove of talented artists in various genres, such as electronic music, reggae, punk, house, and Mexican hiphop.

The Club Campestre de Tijuana (or the Tijuana Country Club) is famous for its beautiful golf course, where you can enjoy a peaceful day on the greens after your dental procedures.

Family fun
If you brought the entire family for their dental appointments, you can also enjoy a wide range of activities for the whole family. You can give the kids an important cultural lesson while watching horse raising, bullfighting, or jai alai. Or you can explore the Mundo Divertido and the Tijuana Wax Museum, two of the most popular children-oriented destinations in the city. There are also plenty of hotels and resorts that offer special activities for children.

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