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Dental Implants

Surgically placings Dental implants is the latest technology for tooth replacement. There are some advantages to a dental implant. The first big reason is that when a tooth is extracted, the process of bone loss starts to take place, and the area around the missing tooth starts to slowly dissolve, from the lack of something present to cause stimulation. The bone loss can eventually effect the adjacent teeth as well, causing them to fail in a domino effect. The presence of a dental implant in the area, will hold the bone. Making it a better tooth replacement method. Titanium bonds well to the bone, and today, technology has improved so that we can offer implants that have been treated with Ultraviolet light, and they will bond even faster, with osseointegration being complete in just two months. 

Another advantage to having a dental implant placed is that the adjacent teeth don’t have to be shaved down to fit under the crown of a bridge. If the adjacent teeth are healthy, an implant being used to fill in the missing tooth, will prolong the life of a tooth that would have to be crowned. 

A dental implant may cost more than a simple crown, but if you are having to make a 3- or 4-unit bridge to fill in one tooth, the implant would be a little cheaper. The main disadvantage to an implant is that it will take a second trip to your dentist in Tijuana, to do stage two, as it will take a few months for the implant to heal.

Implant Supported Dentures

We can still offer a snap on denture that is held in place by snapping on to the connectors on previously placed dental implants. Ties system has worked well for patients that have been frustrated with dentures that get loose and flop around in their mouth, requiring dental adhesive. The cost is less than an all on 6, but there is a problem that develops with the dentures being removed on a daily basis, and that is the rubber gromets wear out and have to be replaced, Also, in some cases, the implant has failed because of the extra stress of having the denture removed and replaced daily. 

The better solution is a fixed dental device that screws directly on to the implants. This is commonly called an “all on 6”. By using 6 implants, the appliance, or rather call it a fixed zirconium bridge, can replace a full arch of 14 teeth. The bridge cannot be removed by the patient but is firmly screwed on. Only your dentist can remove it periodically, in order to clean under it.

Zirconium Crowns

Zirconia is a type of ceramic, with a metal composite. Once the teeth are prepared, the impression is scanned by a laser scanner, and then with the use of a 3-D program on the computer, the new crowns are designed and then sent to a 3-d milling machine to carve them out. Next, they are fired in a kiln to harden them. And finally, the color and glaze are done.  Zirconia itself has increased in quality, and we can make crowns that are as translucent as porcelain, but zirconia is much harder and stronger. They will hold up for years, The only problem you might have is if you don’t brush and floss and have good hygiene, because you could still get a cavity under the edge of any crown, But with zirconia, you don’t have to worry about them chipping. They will last for a very long time.


E.max - Crowns and Veneers

Emax is a branded process used by the dental lab to make all porcelain crowns and veneers. These teeth restorations are made of a very highly luminescent porcelain material, that is also very chip resistant. The difference between veneers and crowns is that veneers only cover the front and sides of the tooth, and crowns encapsulate the tooth. With veneers, less tooth is shaved off to prep the tooth, but crowns have less problems of getting knocked off. E.Max are a good product, and if you take care of them, some patients have gone 20 years before the replaced them. However, the new Zirconia, will be even more resistant, and can be as aesthetic. Your Tijuana dentist can advise you which would work better in your case.

PFM Crowns

These are traditional, standard porcelain crowns.  although they are less expensive, they still do a good job, and can look very nice.  the inner part of the crown is made of a metal cap. Porcelain is then fused over the metal to give the crown a real looking appearance and shape. There are two types of PFM, (porcelain fused to metal), crowns that we use. For molars only, we can use a crown that has a thinner metal edge, that fits well under the edge of the gum. The main complaint with this type of edge, is when the gum recedes through the years, a dark line can appear at the gum line. However, since the molars are in the back, it isn’t visible. 2. for teeth that are visible in your smile, we always recommend the “collarless” crowns, which have porcelain clear to the edges. These crowns are esthetic and can look very nice, for a lesser price. But, if you are really looking for a high quality cosmetic appearance, the e.max all porcelain, or the newer zirconia crowns will still be your best choice.

Root Canals

When a tooth goes bad, and you are in pain, the cheapest way to fix it is an extraction. However, in the long run, when you loose teeth, you also start suffering bone loss, which in turn can affect the surrounding teeth, and you lose more teeth. A root canal, along with a post and crown, will get rid of the pain, and restore your tooth, giving you many more years of service. When decay creates a cavity, by eating away the enamel, the nerve first starts to get sensitive to hot, cold and sweets. Eventually an infection sets in, and then you are in real pain. When a root canal is done, the inner nerves and blood vessels of the tooth, called conduits, are cleaned out. The conduits are then packed with a material called gutta-percha, and the tooth is sealed by placing a post and a crown.

Dr Eva Guerrero at EG Dental is a root Canal specialist, called an Endodontist. She has many years of experience, and a very high success rate at saving teeth.

Posts and Core build up

Once a root canal is done, the tooth is hollowed out. The filling the conduits with gutta-percha, but because the tooth has been weakened, a post is placed, and the tooth rebuilt in order to strengthen it. The post acts kind of like a piece or rebar in concrete, to reinforce the tooth structure. Finally a crown need to be placed over the top to cap things off.

Partial and Full dentures

Dentures are made of acrylic material, sometimes reinforced by mesh, or a metal inner structure. 

A partial denture is used to replace the missing teeth, when there are still some teeth left in the arch. The partial will grip onto the remaining teeth and replace the missing teeth. A partial could have a metal frame, with gum colored acrylic flanges that wrap around the remaining teeth to hold it into place, or it could be made entirely of acrylic, your dentist can explain the advantages of each, as well as the costs.

A full denture is used when the patient has no remaining teeth. When the patient is having the teeth all extracted, we can place what is called an “immediate denture”. This denture is made beforehand and is placed immediately after the extractions. It has medication in the lining and will help stop bleeding. After a few months, the swelling will go down, and the denture will get loose. At that time, the patient can come back in for a reline of the denture. Eventually, after everything is all healed over, the patient may want to replace the immediate denture with a higher quality, more cosmetic denture.

White resin fillings

Today, we do not use the old-fashioned amalgam fillings. They not only look ugly, leaving a black looking spot on your tooth, but also for health reasons, we don’t use them, as amalgam is made with mercury, and most people want tp stay away from that contaminant. The white resin composite we use, is strong and hold up well. It also can be made to match the color of your teeth, so that you tooth doesn’t appear to have any fillings at all.

Laser Whitening

We offer laser whitening. A strong chemical is used, so we block off the gum, to protect it, then after applying the whitening gel, we use a strong ultraviolet light to activate the chemical and whiten your teeth. It can have a great result and give you a new smile.

Bone Grafting

There are different types of bone grafting treatments that are done by our dentists in Tijuana. All are done in order to replace bone loss, and usually done in conjunction with dental implant procedures.  A sinus lift is done when in the upper jaw, the bone in the sinus zone has reduced to the point that in order to place a dental implant, the zone needs to be thickened. So a small hole, or chimney is made to one side, and bone material is placed between the jaw bone, and the sinus membrane. This creates a thicker area, so that once it is hardened, an implant can be placed without danger of perforating the sinus cavity. Another type of bone graft is technique is used when the tooth extraction leaves a gap in the jaw, that needs to be filled in so that the implant will be tight and so that there is no periodontal issue that could ensue. Finally, there are patients that have lost too much bone in the lower jaw, so that an implant cant be placed, without building up the jawbone with a “regenerative bone graft” different types of bone material can be used, and the dentist will explain what will work best in your situation. One material is man made artificial bone mage of a calcium, like human bone. One material is powdered bovine bone. One is bone that comes from human cadaver material. And one technique can be used to harvest the patient’s bone, like from taros nodes from the patient’s inner jaw.

BruxZir Solid Zirconia Crowns

We can offer Bruxzir solid zirconia crowns that are extremely hard. These crowns have a 5 year warranty, because they wont break, or chip. Since they are not overlaid with porcelain, there is no porcelain to chip off. You could break your tooth, but the crown will still have its shape. So, you still need to have good hygiene, because, although the crown won’t break, you can still develop periodontal problems and get a cavity under the edge of the crown, if you don’t take care of you teeth.

Our Warranty on dental Work

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We can offer Bruxzir solid zirconia crowns that are extremely hard. These crowns have a 5 year warranty, because they wont break, or chip. Since they are not overlaid with porcelain, there is no porcelain to chip off. You could break your tooth, but the crown will still have its shape. So, you still need to have good hygiene, because, although the crown won’t break, you can still develop periodontal problems and get a cavity under the edge of the crown, if you don’t take care of you teeth.

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