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Tips for crossing the Border on your way to see our dentists in Tijuana.

We know that your trip to visit us in Tijuana will be pleasant. We hope that you will choose EG Dental to be your dentist in Tijuana from now on.  Here are a few things to remember.

  1. Please call us while you are still on the US side, before you cross over. Sometimes your phone may not work properly on the Mexico side. If you will alert us while still in San Diego, then we can have our driver start on his way to meet you at the border crossing. It is important that he knows what you are dressed like, and what you look like, so he can recognize you. Also, since there are two points that a pedestrian cam cross from, either by the Outlet Mall, or by the Trolley station, he will know where to meet you to pick you up. Even if you are going to cross over by car, it is best to alert us, so we can be on the lookout for you and can make sure you understand how to get to our dental clinic.
  2. If you drive over and are not sure how to get to the clinic, you can park on the Mexico side, at the Easy Park that is just two blocks from the border. You can easily see it, as it is 8 stories high. The cost is just .80 cents an hour, or $6 bucks for the whole day. You just take the first left after you drive through Customs. Once parked, we can then drive over to pick you up.
  3. We recommend that you download the UBER app on your cell phone. This is the easiest way to get around, especially, while you are waiting to get lab work back to the clinic, and you just want to go sight see, or shop.
  4. If you trip is to have extensive dental work don here in Tijuana, and you are coming from out of state, we recommend that you stay here in Tijuana. The hotels are much nicer here, than those near the border on the US side, and are cheaper. It is also a lot less hassle to not have to cross over the border each day. There is a very nice hotel, Hacienda del Rio, that is just two blocks from us, and costs about $60 a night. Our patient coordinator can set things up for you and make a reservation.
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