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Tips for crossing the Border to see our dentists in Tijuana

We know that your trip to visit us in Tijuana will be pleasant. We hope that you will choose EG Dental to be your dentist in Tijuana from now on.  Here are a few things to remember.

Before crossing into Mexico, give us a call from the US side. Signals can be tricky there. Let us know in San Diego, and our driver will meet you at the border, whether by the Outlet Mall or Trolley Station. If you’re driving, inform us, and we’ll guide you to our clinic. Your smooth arrival is our priority!

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Driving to the clinic? Park at Easy Park, two blocks from the border, an 8-story building for easy spotting. Affordable at .80 cents per hour or $6 for the whole day. After Customs, take the first left to the parking. Once parked, we’ll grab you at the border, ensuring a hassle-free visit!

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We suggest downloading the UBER app on your cell phone for convenient transportation during your visit. It’s the easiest way to get around while waiting for lab work or if you want to explore and shop around the city. UBER makes it simple and efficient to move around Tijuana hassle-free!

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Opt for the city for major dental work in Tijuana; hotels are nicer and budget-friendly. Skip daily border crossings to save time and stress. Try Hacienda del Rio, a charming hotel just two blocks away, at around $60 per night. Our patient coordinator can help with comfy reservations.

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