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What you should know about teeth whitening

Bright and shiny teeth look very friendly and attractive. Many people want a whiter tooth color, as white teeth convey a well-groomed appearance and a positive charisma. White teeth are also trendy. This is not only because of today’s celebrities, who dazzle with their Hollywood smile, but above all because of the positive effect of a radiant smile. If you are suffering from stained or discolored teeth, you will be pleased to know that this can be easily and quickly fixed at an affordable rate at our clinic.

What factors affect tooth whiteness?

Superficial plaque caused by the frequent consumption of colored food and beverages (e.g., caffeine, nicotine, cola, tea, as well as various fruits and vegetables) is known to stain teeth and dull their brightness. This can be removed effectively with proper dental hygiene and periodic teeth cleaning at our clinic.

It is also common that the pigment of the natural teeth under the plaque is yellowish, brownish or grayish in color due to genetic predisposition, so that even daily oral hygiene routines cannot brighten them. In this case, teeth whitening by a dentist can improve the overall brightness.

How is the enamel whitened?

After careful preparation, in which the teeth are exposed and the gums are covered for protection, one of our dental assistants will apply the whitening agent directly to your teeth. The discoloration on the dentin is bleached in the same way as discoloration on the tooth enamel. Tartar and other impurities are removed from the tooth surface prior to the bleaching process.

The whitening effect achieved in our clinic is more attractive and lasts longer than with a whitening toothpaste or home whitening kits. The tooth surface becomes significantly lighter and, depending on the original tooth color, can be up to two shades whiter with a tooth whitening session.


Many people worry if teeth whitening hurts. Tooth bleaching is a very gentle process when done professionally. It is important that it is done by a specialist with experience, who can not only precisely determine the color levels, but also achieves even whiteness on all teeth. Keep in mind, however, that dentures such as crowns and bridges made of composite or ceramic cannot be bleached at the same time. To maintain a homogenous look, make sure to get dentures and implants replaced. Get in touch with is today to learn more.

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