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White Composite Fillings

Many people are concerned with the old black looking, amalgam fillings in their mouth. They not only look ugly, but they were made using mercury mixed with silver material. The mercury is a known toxin, that you don’t want in your mouth. Besides, since dentists don’t use that method anymore, if you have any of those amalgam fillings, they are probably very old, are starting to leak and get cavities under them, and it is certainly time to replace them.  

The material we use today is a white resin composite. It can be mixed to match the color of your teeth. Once the dentists will clean out the old filling, along with any decay, the white composite will be placed in the tooth, and a Ultraviolet curing light will be used to cure and harden the filling. Then the dentist will simply polish it smooth and adjust the height of the filling to make sure your occlusion is correct.

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