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Why Are Thousands of Tourists Travelling to Tijuana for Dental Crowns?

Damaged teeth are probably a more common problem than you think, and dental treatments in the U.S can be very xh costly indeed if your dental plan considers them an aesthetic issue. That is why tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians travel each year for dental tourism in Tijuana.

One of the most popular treatments these visitors travel to Mexico for is dental crowns. Crowns are small caps that go on top of damaged teeth to restore their shape and protect them from further decay. Dental health professionals often opt for dental crowns once a tooth becomes too damaged for fillings to repair.wd

Dental crowns don’t just add to your confidence when it’s time to smile; they also help you enjoy your meals more.

The cost of treatment is undoubtedly the primary reason why patients from the U.S and Canada are choosing to visit Tijuana for their dental work. All cases are different, so the cost varies by patient, but at ED Dental in Tijuana, we offer the same service as the dentists do north of the border; only our dentistry work is often completed at under a third of the cost.

Our dentists have the same training and skills as Canadian and U.S dentists do, and our surgery has the very top of the range and up to date technology, and high-quality materials that the best dental surgeries in the States have.

Aside from the significant financial benefits of crossing the border for dental treatment, there is also the considerable appeal of a vacation to sway the undecided. After undergoing a complete renaissance in recent years, Tijuana has a healthy dose of Mexican culture, shedding its rakish reputation. The Estadio Caliente Stadium, the El Popo Market and the Tijuana Cultural Center will fill your time before, and after your treatment, so your trip will restore not only your teeth but also your energy.

We offer several options regarding dental crowns, including BruxZir Solid Zirconia Crowns which are almost bulletproof and come with a seven-year guarantee against chipping or cracking. To see all the details of our dental crown options, please look at our dental crowns treatments page.

EG Dental is ready to provide you with the best dental treatments you can get. Our world-class dentists would love to hear from you to put your mind at ease regarding dental crowns or any other dentistry you may be thinking about for the future.

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