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Wisdom tooth extraction: What you should know

Many people are quite happy with their wisdom teeth that do not cause problems and therefore do not need wisdom teeth extraction. Others are not so fortunate and require these molars pulled to ease pain and discomfort or to protect other teeth from damage. 

Why do the wisdom teeth cause problems?

In the course of evolution, the human jaw has become smaller, but the size and number of teeth have remained the same. Therefore, for many people the wisdom teeth often have no place in the mouth and remain completely hidden in the jaw or erupt only halfway above the gums. In both cases, the wisdom teeth cause severe problems such as recurrent inflammation, cysts (cavities in the bone) and displacement of other teeth.Even when the wisdom teeth are quite normal in the mouth, they are often difficult to clean and develop caries (tooth decay) early on. The tooth decay often spreads to the neighboring teeth and can destroy them from below. In these cases, the early removal of the wisdom teeth is usually the best and safest solution.

How long does the pain last after a wisdom tooth extraction?

With our gentle approach to pulling wisdom teeth, the small wounds in the mouth heals very quickly and without significant pain a wisdom tooth extraction. It is very important to refrain from smoking in the first week after the procedure and to use the prescribed mouthwash solution regularly.

Process of removal of the wisdom teeth

First, the wisdom teeth are anesthetized locally. This means that the whole process is completely painless. If the wisdom teeth are already visible in the mouth, it is often enough to loosen them with a small lever and then pull them with orthodontic pliers. If the wisdom teeth are still hidden under the gums, the gums are opened beforehand with a small incision.

Sometimes some bone around the tooth crown needs to be removed with a small drill. If the wisdom teeth have very curved roots that point in different directions, they cannot be removed in one piece. In such a case, the tooth is fragmented with a fine drill and can then be removed very gently, piece by piece.

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